LIB's Jeramey and Sarah Ann Seemingly Confirm Romance


Love Is Blind alums Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah Ann Bick seemingly confirm that they are dating in a new trailer for Love is Blind: The Reunion.

In the clip, released by Netflix on Friday, March 8, the pair were seen sitting together and holding hands.

However, it doesn’t seem to be all smooth sailing for the potential happy couple. At one point in the trailer, fellow season 6 contestant Laura Dadisman, who Jeramey, 32, originally chose over Sarah Ann, 30, called Sarah Ann a “pick me girl.”

“I’m a pick me girl?” Sarah Ann replied. “You’re the pick me girl.”

Laura, 34, quipped back that Sarah Ann was a “clown,” resulting in dropped jaws from other participants.

The season 6 love triangle of Jeramey, Sarah Ann and his ex-fiancée Laura was notably absent from the show’s Wednesday, March 6, season finale.

Reality TV audiences watched as Laura ended her relationship with Jeramey after he was caught lying about spending time with Sarah Ann, who he once shared a pod with, into the early hours of the morning.

Seemingly in response to Jeramey and Sarah Ann’s claims that Jeramey didn’t cheat on his then-fiancée, and that nothing happened between them that night, fellow contestant Chelsea Blackwell said in a preview for the reunion, “I’ve never stayed up until 5 a.m. just chatting.”

When viewers left Jeramey and Sarah Ann, they had just embarked on a jet ski adventure together shortly after he and Laura called it quits.

Before they set off on the lake, the duo sat down for a chat on the dock in which Jeramey admitted to Sarah Ann that he felt that he had “made the wrong decision in the pods” when he chose Laura over her. “And I think you know that at this point,” Jeramey added.

But when watching back the scene from the show, which was posted to the series’ official Instagram account on Tuesday, March 5, Jeramey expressed his regret for the way he handled the situation.

“I don’t condone how I acted during this,” the reality star commented under the video. “I’m even watching this back like ‘WTF?’”


Fans weighed in on both the original exchange and Jeramey’s comment, with one replying, “You were mad and embarrassed at the situation…that was your ego. Good you recognize it now though.”

And while some left replies calling Jeramey “trashy” and a “narcissist,” others jumped to his defense.

After writing that Jeramey “shouldn’t” be embarrassed of his actions, another person added, “I don’t think you did anything wrong. Think of it as switching pods outside of the pods.”

Love is Blind: The Reunion premieres on Netflix Wednesday, March 13, at 9 p.m. ET.

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