Irony Alert … Ross Berry – JP


Here is a good one: Ross Berry criticizes union leadership on X for not representing union workers. The irony apparently escapes Berry. Berry and his fellow Republican “leaders,” Jason Osborne, Joe Sweeney, etc., do NOT represent Republicans.

Their priorities: turning New Hampshire into a vast shanty-town/open-air-drug market… of course, I am talking about outlawing single-family zoning, legalizing marijuana (for starters), and keeping the bars open until 2 AM.

And they do NOTHING about the priorities of actual Republicans. Our public schools are DEI-sh*tholes. The “solution,” according to Berry and his fellow imposter-Republican-libertarian-ideologues, EFAs and a Parental Bill of Rights … neither of which would do anything about the DEI infesting public schools. They can outlaw single-family-zoning, but not DEI administrators, who are Communists in all but name.

I will be voting for TRUMP in 2024, and then leaving the rest of the ballot blank. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan … I didn’t leave the NHGOP; the NHGOP left me.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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