Jersey Shore Recap: Angelina Considers Baby With Ex Chris


Angelina Pivarnick had her castmates quite confused on the Thursday, February 22, episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Amid troubles in her relationship with fiancé Vinny Tortorella, the Staten Island native admitted that she was considering having a baby with ex-husband Chris Larangeira’s sperm.

“Chris texted me,” Angelina, 37, told Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino on a FaceTime call. “He’s like, ‘I love you,’ all these things. And then he’s like, ‘Hey, if you wanna have a baby, I don’t mind giving you my sperm.’”

Two days later, she met up with Jenni, 37, and Sammi, 36, and gave more insight into the conversation. “How it started was out of nowhere,” she admitted. The reality star revealed that Chris, 46, reached out after hearing that Angelina took a DNA test and learned that the man she knew as her father was not her biological dad.


She read his text message out loud to the girls. “‘It breaks my heart about your dad and what you’re going through,’” the message said. “‘I used to watch you sleep at night, all peaceful, thinking about how I just want to make you peaceful and give you a life and family you never had. All I really wanted to do was make you happy because I really did love you more than anyone in this world.’” He then made the offer for Angelina to use his sperm, which she seemed to be considering.

“I want to have one child,” she confirmed. In a confessional, she added, “Chris was a nice guy. He’s never been a bad soul.” Angelina and Chris got married in 2018. She filed for divorce at the beginning of 2021 but the case was eventually dismissed. Chris then filed his own paperwork in January 2022 and the divorce was finalized that July. Angelina started dating Vinny while separated from Chris in 2022.

Amid the conversation about Chris, Jenni and Sammi realized that Vinny was in the house, despite Angelina previously admitting that they were having relationship issues and claiming that he was “never home.” Jenni asked if Angelina and Vinny were still together and she coyly responded, “I mean … yeah … but I don’t know.”

“The last three years have been bad for me,” she admitted. “I don’t think I’m gonna get married again.” Considering Angelina accepted Vinny’s proposal in November 2022 and was still wearing her engagement ring, this came as a shock to her friends.

“I don’t want a repeat of what happened to me with my divorce and stuff,” she explained. “Divorce is not easy. It takes a toll on you. It’s very emotional.” She also said that she’s “still struggling” with her split from Chris and admitted she’d “rather have a kid” than tie the knot again. Jenni and Sammi urged her to not rush into having a child when she had so many other things going on.

When the group got together again a few days later, Angelina revealed that Vinny was still staying at the house. When asked if they were together, she responded, “We haven’t had sex lately but, I mean, who cares about my sex life? We’re talking.”

This episode was filmed in September 2023. Vinny and Angelina appear to have gotten on better terms since then, as she publicly celebrated their relationship with an Instagram post on Valentine’s Day. “We are fine,” she shared, along with a photo of the flowers Vinny got her for the holiday. “Don’t believe the hype.”

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