AOC Lashes Out at Mayor Eric Adams After He Promises to Intervene in Columbia Protest


Apparently, the Mayor of New York City has had quite enough of the Columbia protest nonsense. He knows it is a black eye on the city and every day the Pro Hamas protestors feel more emboldened. Tonight, he was clear it was time for the students to go home.

Right now, it seems he is holding true to his word as police have been seen entering the campus.

It seems like the revolutionaries aren’t as brave as they claimed. The least shocking news of the day.


AOC is very upset. She loves to cheer on a protest from the comfort of her living room. Also, these are not ‘kids’. Most of them are well into their 20’s and some even approaching their 30’s.

That’s the honest truth.

She loves the paycheck and perks though.

People like AOC who sit on the sidelines not risking their own careers, education or freedom and using these people as pawns in a game.

All Democrats agree with her. Let’s be honest.

She meant every word of it. When people show you who they are, believe them.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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