How John Mayer Feels About His Song With Katy Perry Nearly a Decade After Their Breakup – JP


John Mayer is shedding a new light on how he feels about his 2013 duet with Katy Perry.

During his Oct. 2 guest appearance on the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen After Show, the “Gravity” singer was asked to name his least favorite album. And while John picked Paradise Valley—noting he liked some of its songs but that he spent the least amount of time on this album and others were more important in his life—Andy Cohen applauded its track “Who You Love” featuring Katy. And the Grammy winner agreed it’s a good song. 

“Isn’t that great?” John replied. “I’m glad we did that.”

Likening it to “early Sob Rock prototype stuff,” the 45-year-old then shared his thought-process behind the song.

“It was just at the point where I was saying, ‘Why can’t I make music from a different era? If I love a style of music and I want to make it, like a genre, why can’t I make music that I was pretending was from a different era?'” he continued. “And that was sort of like a prototype to Sob Rock. It was sort of like an FM lite radio thing, and Sob Rock is a little more realized.”

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