The Montana Boyz Discuss Meeting Jelly Roll at the CMT Awards


The Montana Boyz members Mark Estes, Kaleb Campbell Winterburn and Kade Wilcox recall meeting Jelly Roll at the CMT Awards during an exclusive video interview with Life & Style.

Mark, 24, Kaleb, 24, and Kade, 22, attended the CMT Awards on April 7, and saw many famous faces at their first major awards show.

Kade tells Life & Style that the experience was “eye opening” and admits it was “a whirlwind” for them. “I mean, getting out of the car and having all the people you walked through … I know we all were like, ‘Wow, this is crazy,’” he continues. “But we love that stuff, so it was fun.”

While the group agrees they were starstruck by “everyone” in attendance, there was one musician that stood out the most. “Jelly Roll,” Kaleb says about who he was most excited to see, while Kade and Mark agree. “Yeah, he’s the man.”

“We talked to him for a second,” Kaleb recalls. “Afterwards … We were like, ‘Holy … what? We just talked to …’ Yeah, it was pretty cool.”

During the red carpet ahead of the awards show, the TikTokers exclusively revealed their celebrity crushes to Life & Style amid Mark’s romance with girlfriend Kristin Cavallari..

“Oh, I’d say Ana de Armas. She’s beautiful, she’s awesome,” Kaleb told Life & Style on the red carpet, adding that he also has a crush on Margot Robbie.

Kade revealed that he and Kaleb have similar taste by adding, “He stole that. I was going to say Margot Robbie.”

The group became a viral sensation when they started posting videos of themselves lip-synching to popular country songs on TikTok in 2023. However, they rose to a new level of fame when Kristin, 37, revealed her relationship with Mark on February 27.

“He makes me happy,” the Laguna Beach alum captioned a selfie of the pair via Instagram while confirming their romance.

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Shortly after she introduced her new boyfriend to fans, many social media users weighed in to share their thoughts about Mark and Kristin’s age difference. However, she quickly addressed the commentary by shutting down her haters.

“When they’re all up in arms that I’m dating a 24 year old. Andddd?” the reality star captioned a TikTok video on March 2. “So, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to arrest me?” she mouthed to prerecorded audio. “Are you going to give me a ticket?”

Meanwhile, Mark tells Life & Style that he “kind of figured” people would be interested in his and Kristin’s relationship. However, he says that he doesn’t want to share too much information about their “personal life” to respect privacy and Kristin and her kids.

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