Ellen DeGeneres Reflects on One of Her Final Trips with Stephen “tWitch” Boss on Anniversary of His Death – JP


Ellen, who also included contact information for the National Suicide Prevention Line, added, “Because he was a happy guy, I thought, and I was really close to him. And he never shared that with me. So that is sad, that he didn’t feel like he could find a way out and share that he was struggling. Because we all would have done anything we could to help him. I miss him every single day, but I have amazing memories of him.”

There was also another important person in tWitch’s life who honored the anniversary of his death: his mother, Connie Boss Alexander.

“A year ago today..,” she began her Dec. 12 post, which included a video montage of images and clips of her late son, “you sent your last I love you’s, your final check-ins and closed your eyes in this earthly realm and awoke with all the ancestors in the presence of God.”

She continued, “My first born, my first heartbeat, my Booboo (I can see that little smirk, yes I said it), my beautiful son, Stephen Laurel Boss, I miss you beyond words and love you through eternity.”

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