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Ukrainians live in the conditions of “bandit” state occupied by Mr. Zelensky’s party cleptocrats, oligarch-friends and spies led by Mr. Yermak.

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KYIV – General Zaluzhny has informed his assistants and staff that he will be dismissed very soon. Serhiy Shaptala, the Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, also informed his team that he was leaving his post together with Zaluzhny. This news came just 2 days after the interview of Mr. Zelenskiy on R1 TV channel.                                                                                                                                                        
“It will be very difficult, but not shameful. I am happy that in this life and during the war you were by my side”

Zaluzhny congratulated Chief of the General Staff Shaptala on his birthday.

It looks like a farewell. Shaptala is considered Zaluzhny’s closest associate. Shaptala General is also planed to be fired by Mr. Zelenskiy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zelenskiy sent a decree to the parliament of Ukraine to prolong the non-legitimate military martial law status in the country. This decree is without signature and without the coat of arms. The decree is said to prolong the status till May 14th.

Thus, according to the non legitimate readings of the law code of Ukraine, Mr. Zelenskiy denies the elections for the President of Ukraine that are to be set on March 31st. He stated many times in his interview that he won’t allow the elections while there is a military status. Reminding you that the war hasn’t been declared neither by Russia, nor Ukraine. Both countries are at war but legally not at war.

Ukraine is not at war according to the Constitution – or according to the Constitution the war had to be accepted by the Parliament and the Military Status had to be voted and accepted by the Parliament. This did not happen.

As of right now, the parliament is non-legitimate from October 2023 and the President of Ukraine Zelenskiy is non-legitimate because he allowed the violation of the parliamentary elections and violation of the state code and laws of the “Parliamentary-presidential” republic.

As of now, Ukrainians live in the conditions of “bandit” state occupied by Mr. Zelenskiy’s party cleptocrats, oligarch-friends and spies led by Mr. Yermak.

The position of Mr. Yermak is confirmed by the UK, the US’s department of State, the agents of various US organizations. Reminding you that Mr. Yermak is a double of even triple agent working to meet ends meet for various parties.


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