Yikes: Steve Kornacki Explains Just How Many 'Republicans' Voted in NH Republican Primary


As we reported earlier, CNN was indicating that 70 percent of Nikki Haley’s votes were from undeclared voters in the  “GOP” primary. 


CNN Exit Polls Show the Stunning Difference Between Who Voted for Trump and Haley in ‘GOP’ Primary

We’ve Seen Enough: Donald Trump Wins NH GOP Primary

How many undeclared voters were there?  

I mentioned one count, which seemed like a pretty high number in my last post — almost half the voters. 

Now MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, who generally seems to be straight about his stats, had some more surprising numbers about how many Republicans voted in the Republican primary, how many were undeclared, and how many were something else. Shockingly, the majority were NOT Republican. The majority — 53 percent — were “independent” (45 percent) or Democrat (8 percent). Only 47 percent were Republicans. This is incredible, and that’s up notably from 2016, when it was 55 percent Republican, 42 percent independent, and 3 percent Democrat. 

It’s deeply concerning that you can have that number of people who are not Republicans and clearly indicates folks on the left were playing games. Republicans need to consider how not to have their primaries gamed this way going forward. 

But while that’s not good, and they need to fix it, it also shows that even when trying to juice the field, the left still couldn’t do enough to defeat Trump. It means that just with Republicans, it’s a blowout. Even with the majority not Republicans, their tactic failed. It also was exposed. Indeed, in a way, I think it’s good news for the general and bad for Biden, although I’d like to see more breakdown of the undeclared voters to find out how many leaned left or right. Still, even with under 50 percent “declared” registered Republicans, Trump still won. 

But this is a long game. The game here from the Democrats is to keep the primaries going to drain the money from Trump and the Republicans, so it won’t be directed at Biden. 

But Kornacki had one more point to make looking forward, saying the stats looked good for Trump in South Carolina. 

Oh, the Democrats are not going to like that. 

People weighed in on X regarding this news. 

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