Why It's Important to Get to the Bottom of Who Killed the Kennedys?


The following is a collection of facts suggesting that we may not know what we think we know about two of our nation’s most infamous assassinations, those of the Kennedy brothers.

JFK: What We Know

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy affected no single person as profoundly as it did then-vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. 

He and JFK hated each other. Johnson was embroiled in the filthy Bobby Baker scandal, and JFK was considering tossing Johnson off the ticket in his 1964 re-election bid. LBJ’s political career would be over, and he might even go to jail.

If JFK had lived, Johnson was finished. If the president died, LBJ would inherit the White House.

FACT-O-RAMA! I am 100% not suicidal, and my brakes were just inspected!

So it’s suspect that a last-minute change of plans found JFK in a slow turn into Dealey Plaza, feet from a known communist and former Marine sharpshooter with a history of violence, all in LBJ’s home state of Texas, where he held considerable influence.

Now is a good time to mention that JFK and the CIA weren’t getting along. The Bay of Pigs SNAFU allegedly led JFK to claim he wanted “to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”

Both LBJ and the CIA had everything to lose if Kennedy remained alive and everything to gain if he went away.

Fact vs. Fiction: 

It is well documented that JFK and LBJ weren’t friendly with one another, as is Kennedy’s disdain for the CIA. These facts alone can in no way imply a conspiracy between LBJ and the CIA to assassinate President Kennedy. LBJ biographer Robert Caro claims he has found no evidence suggesting Johnson was involved. That said, Caro has been accused of being an obsequious fanboi of LBJ and may not have been entirely honest.

60 Years Later

“It was my father’s first instinct that the agency had killed his brother,” Robert Kennedy, Jr. stated on an episode of “Hannity.”

He also claims to recall that his father’s first call upon hearing of his brother’s assassination was to CIA officials asking if they were involved.

RFK Jr. continued on Hannity:

[Allen] Dulles insinuated himself onto the Warren Commission and essentially ran the Warren Commission and kept this evidence from the Warren commissioners. Either way, when Congress, ten years later, investigated the crime with much more evidence than the Warren Commission had at its disposal, Congress found that, yeah, it was a plot. It was a conspiracy [and] there were multiple people involved. And most of the people in that investigation believe that it was the CIA that was behind it because the evidence was overwhelming to them. 

RFK Jr. isn’t alone in his belief. Ron Paul, Richard Nixon, and 46% of registered voters also believe the CIA was involved in JFK’s murder.

A Gallup poll further reveals that 65% of American adults believe that Lee Harvey Oswald, the man arrested for killing JFK, did not act alone. During the mid-1970s and the early 2000s, as many as 80% believed Oswald had some form of “help.”

Fact vs. Fiction: 

While it is true many Americans — both politicians and citizens — have come to believe that Oswald did not act alone, this is not “proof” that anyone including the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination. 

Also, “help” for an assassin comes in many forms. John Wilkes Booth was a lone shooter who killed Abraham Lincoln, but others were prosecuted for conspiring with him.

The Warren Commission found that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, but Allen Dulles, whom JFK fired from the CIA, found himself to be an instrumental part of that investigation. 

The CIA lied when it told the Warren Commission that it had no prior knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald. It had been monitoring him for years, as had the FBI. 

In short, a CIA associate was involved in the investigation into the assassination of JFK, and the CIA gave the commission bogus information. 

The public began to lose trust in the Warren Commission’s findings. The commission miraculously even misidentified the type of gun Oswald used. They wrote that he used a Mannlicher rifle when he actually fired a Carcano 6.5. 

A subsequent investigation launched in the mid-1970s found “that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy,” though it found the CIA was not a part of it.

WACKO-RAMA! In a file called “Countering Criticism of The Warren Report,” the CIA allegedly weaponized the term “conspiracy theory” to combat people who dared question its JFK assassination determination.

RFK: What We Know

The official narrative of RFK’s assassination is that he was shot and killed by a Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan, who was found after the shooting with an article in his pocket regarding Kennedy’s support for Israel, with which Sirhan strongly disagreed.

As RFK Jr. has pointed out, his father’s autopsy report shows that the late senator was shot three times from behind. Sirhan was never behind Kennedy. Sirhan’s gun also held eight bullets, but 12 or 13 rounds were fired. Sirhan confessed to the crime but claimed he had no recollection of the shooting, though he later stated that a woman in a “polka dot dress” manipulated him to fire his gun. His lawyer claims Sirhan was hypnotized during the shooting.

TINFOIL HAT-O-RAMA? It is no secret that the CIA conducted mind control experiments, an operation called MK-Ultra. They involved the use of hypnosis, chemicals, drugs such as LSD, toxins, and electro-shock therapy. 

According to RFK Jr., his father’s autopsy proves that RFK was shot from behind. Who was behind him at the time? Ace Security guard Thane Eugene Cesar, a man known to hate the Kennedy family. He also worked for Lockheed, a defense company, i.e., part of the military-industrial-complex. He had been recently hired by the security company protecting RFK the night of his murder. The RFK rally was his first or second job, which seems odd considering RFK was a high-profile person and Cesar was new to the company. Why wouldn’t the security firm go with a tried-and-true guard over a rookie?

Cesar was found underneath the mortally wounded RFK, who was holding Cesar’s clip-on tie, gun in hand. He claimed he pulled it out when he heard shots being fired. The cops never took his weapon for inspection.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, who assisted in RFK’s autopsy, said: 

This is a hard fact. The shot that killed Robert Kennedy entered just behind the right ear. It had a slightly upward and forward trajectory. It was fired from one to one and a half inches away. There is no subjectivity to this. It’s in the official autopsy.

Famed coroner Thomas Noguchi, who conducted the autopsy, also claimed that RFK was shot three times from behind (a fourth shot missed Kennedy but went through his jacket) with a gun that was very close to the presidential hopeful. The lethal shot entered Kennedy’s head near the lower end of his right ear. It’s absurd to believe that the investigation into RFK’s murder wouldn’t involve Los Angeles police officers looking at his autopsy. 

Fact vs. Fiction: 

Coroners agree that RFK was shot from behind by a gun very near his body. Many witnesses claim that Sirhan Sirhan could not have fired the fatal shots as he was too far away, but others claim they saw Sirhan’s oustretched arm near RFK’s head. 

What cannot be denied is that RFK suffered three shots from behind and Sirhan was always in front of him. Another Ace Security guard, Stanley Kowalec, told investigators he was standing in front of RFK when he was shot.

Also, Sirhan did not reload his gun. He fired all eight shots, but up to 13 shots were fired.

RFK Jr. believes that while everyone was focused on the chaos that ensued when Sirhan fired his gun, Cesar shot his father three times from behind. 

RFK Jr. planned to visit Cesar in the Philippines but changed his plans when Cesar began demanding larger and larger sums of money. He posted the following on Instagram after Cesar died in the Philippines:

Thane Eugene Cesar died today in the Philippines. Compelling evidence suggests that Cesar murdered my father. On June 5, 1968, Cesar, an employee in a classified section of Lockheed’s Burbank facility, was moonlighting as a security guard at the Ambassador Hotel. He had landed the job about one week earlier. Cesar waited in the pantry as my father spoke in the ballroom, then grabbed my father by the elbow and guided him toward Sirhan. With 77 people in the pantry, every eyewitness said Sirhan was always in front on my father at a 3-6 feet distance. Sirhan fired two shots toward my father before he was tackled. From under the dog pile, Sirhan emptied his 8 chamber revolver firing 6 more shots in the opposite direction 5 of them striking bystander and one going wild. By his own account, Cesar was directly behind my dad holding his right elbow with his own gun drawn when my dad fell backwards on top of him. Cesar repeatedly changed his story about exactly when he drew his weapon. According to the Coroner, Dr. Thomas Noguchi, all 4 shots that struck my father were ‘contact’ shots fired from behind my dad with the barrel touching or nearly touching his body. Cesar sold his .22 to a co-worker weeks after the assassination warning him that it had been used in a crime. Cesar lied to police claiming that he’d disposed of the gun months before the assassination. Cesar was a bigot who hated the Kennedys for their advocacy of Civil Rights for blacks. I had plans to meet Thane Eugene Cesar in the Philippines last June until he demanded a payment of $25,000 through his agent Dan Moldea. Ironically, Moldea penned a meticulous and compelling indictment of Cesar in a 1995 book and then suddenly exculpated him by fiat in a bizarre and nonsensical final chapter. Police have never seriously investigated Cesar’s role in my father’s killing.

Six decades later, we still don’t have all the answers. 

The JFK Records Act of 1992 stated that all the records surrounding the JFK assassination would be released by 2017, but then-president Trump refused to declassify them all. 

Trump crony Roger Stone claims that Trump told to him in regards to the JFK files, “I can’t tell you, it’s so horrible you wouldn’t believe it. Someday you’ll find out.”

Why are these assassinations important now? Because if our CIA had any involvement in killing populist American politicians, the nation deserves to know—NOW.

Tucker Carlson recently openly spoke of the possible assassination of Trump.

“In the case of Trump, they started with protests, they moved to impeachment, now they’re at indictment. None of it has worked,” Carlson told radio host and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino. “What’s next? What is, what could possibly be next?”

Trump’s historic run to regain the White House after what many believe to be a flawed election looks better every day. He won more votes in Iowa and New Hampshire than anyone in the history of those states. Unless something happens to him, Trump will be the GOP candidate in November.

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We the People can see our nation being gutted from the inside by Joe Biden and his apparatchiks. 

Millions of illegal immigrants are crushing our economy. Our children are being chased from their schools to make way for their replacements. 

Military operations are underway in Eastern Europe, Africa, Pakistan, Gaza, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Taiwan is possibly next. WWIII isn’t a joke, and the military-industrial complex is likely licking its gluttonous chops. We won’t even get started on the pinkos in the World Economic Forum.

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Many believe the fate of the nation hinges on the 2024 election this November. If the CIA has a history of involvement in killing our politicians, especially those who don’t play well with swamp wigglers, we need to see all the evidence in the Kennedy assassinations and follow it until we have all the answers. If the evidence shows that the CIA had no part in the Kennedy assassinations, the nation can relax.

Fact vs. Fiction: 

There are plenty of reasons to be suspicious of the official narratives that both Kennedys were killed by lone wacko gunmen.  

Many, including RFK himself, wondered if the Mafia or Cuba were involved in the JFK assassination. We’ve all heard stories about a shooter on the “grassy knoll.” Many still speculate that a hitman fired at JFK from a storm drain even though that theory has been debunked.

Dozens of books and movies point to different opinions on the JFK killing. Some are compelling; others are flapdoodle.

JFK author Vincent Bugliosi quipped that at least “42 groups, 82 assassins, and 214 people” have been accused of being involved in the assassination over the years.

Dave Perry, author of “Tales of Deception and Imagination: Investigating Kennedy Assassination Stories,” has been debunking JFK assassination codswallop for years. The one theory he thus far hasn’t been able to refute is whether or not the CIA was involved.

“The problem is, of all of them, this is one I can’t debunk,” Perry stated to a reporter. “Supposedly Kennedy was fed up with the shenanigans that the CIA was pulling. He found out the CIA was trying to kill (Cuban leader Fidel) Castro, which is a fact. So the argument is that the CIA felt that Kennedy was going to disband them. And as a result of that, they were the ones that ordered the killing of Kennedy.”

Below are two videos regarding the Kennedy assassinations that are worth watching. 

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