Whoops: Biden Just Let the Cat Out of the Bag About Raising Your Taxes If He's Put Back In Office


Joe Biden has frequently claimed that he doesn’t want to raise taxes on anyone other than those making more than $400,000. 

He said it for example this week in Scranton, PA, also throwing in the falsehood that he never made $400,000. 

If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. 

He’s made everyday life more expensive with his Bidenfaltion, which is costing us hundreds more a month in additional costs. 

But he also said something very concerning about taxes at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union conference on Friday. I wrote previously about his remarks there and just how bad Biden’s slurring and incoherence is getting. It’s hit a fever pitch at this point. 

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 But here’s what he said about taxes that could hit the majority of Americans. 

In a speech to electrical union members in Washington, Biden, 81, slammed Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which permanently lowered corporate tax rates from 35% to 21% and temporarily lowered personal income tax rates through 2025, as a giveaway to the rich.

“[Trump] was proud, very proud of his $2 trillion tax cut when he was president that overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy and the biggest corporations and exploded, exploded the federal debt,” Biden said of his predecessor ahead of their expected November election rematch.

Biden then let the cat out of the bag, indicating he was going to let the tax cut for Americans lapse if he was put back in office. 

“By the way, it’s going to expire. And if I’m reelected it’s going to stay expired,” Biden announced in a creepy whisper.

The Tax Foundation says Americans would be hit by across-the-board income tax hikes if the TCJA is allowed to lapse.

“Congress has less than two years to prevent tax hikes on the vast majority of Americans from taking place,” the foundation said in a blog post last month promoting a calculator tool that allows people to determine their own likely tax hike.

According to IRS data, Trump’s tax cuts helped most Americans, the working and middle class being the biggest beneficiaries, not the rich, as Biden falsely claimed. 

So again, Biden is not telling the truth. And yes, Joe, please run on saying you’re going to make everyone’s taxes go up, that should go over well as a campaign slogan, especially combined with your forgiving student debt on the backs of the taxpayers to buy votes. 

But I expect we will probably see a White House effort to clean up Biden saying the quiet part out loud  — because they will know that letting this out is going to hurt him. 

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