Who Went Home on ‘The Bachelor’? Joey Graziadei Eliminations


The Bachelor’s leading man has a job to do, so he has to be picky! Joey Graziadei’s season of the hit dating show is under way, and season 28 is already proving to be tear-jerking. 

By week six, Joey only had 10 women left. It was a pivotal week, as one woman decided to send herself home and Joey eliminated another in the middle of a group date.

Season 28 also featured a dreaded two-on-one date during week four after drama between two women in the cast. One was eliminated at the end of the tense outing. Ahead of hometown dates, Joey also sent home someone who told him that she was “falling in love” with him. The show’s lead then met four ladies’ families and had to send another woman home before fantasy suites week in Mexico.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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