Who Is Southern Charm’s Jarrett ‘JT’ Thomas’ Ex-Wife?


Jarrett “JT” Thomas had no plans on becoming a reality star, but after relocating to Charleston while navigating a divorce, he soon snagged a spot on the cast of Southern Charm. The real estate agent got candid about the downfall of his marriage with his ex-wife during his season 9 debut – and it pulled on fans’ heartstrings.

Who Is ‘Southern Charm’ Star Jarrett ‘JT’ Thomas’ Ex-Wife?

When JT joined the hit Bravo show, his costars were feuding over a massive love square between exes Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers. After having a front-row seat to the toxic exes’’ blowouts, JT reflected on his lack of a love life after becoming a divorcee.

“I have a good life. I should be happy. But my whole life was building a career, building a business, and doing an event space, and I can’t do this much longer, if that makes sense. As you know, I’m about to turn 38 and I don’t have a wife or a girlfriend,” he said during a season 9 confessional clip. “Granted, I did have a first at-bat if you will. Just, I botched that one, you know?”

JT declined to reveal the identity of his ex-wife for her well-being and their dynamic is “all worked out now,” though the divorce was initially “painful.”

When Did Southern Charm’s Jarrett ‘JT’ Thomas Marry His Ex-Wife?

The TV personality tied the knot with his former wife when he was 22 and the marriage lasted “about four or five years.” “I really loved my ex-wife, but I just don’t think people should get married when you’re 22,” JT said in an oncamera interview.

Though their romantic relationship didn’t work out, JT’s ex won over the hearts of his family. “She was gorgeous and lovely as a human, and you are too, but you guys were just children,” JT’s mother said during an oncamera phone conversation.

“I often wonder if I had met her at 30, would it have been different? Because I would’ve been more mature,” he replied, leading his mom to say, “Absolutely. You know why? Because to be married, you have to have all those other skills that oftentimes 22-year-old people don’t have.”

Does Southern Charm’s Jarrett ‘JT’ Thomas Want to Get Married Again?

His first trip down the aisle may not have landed him a fairytale ending, but The Inns founder is still hopeful to find “The One.”

“I would like to try again, but I want to make sure the second time around, I get it right,” he admitted on the show.

JT is still seemingly single as his failed attempt at sweeping Taylor off of her feet landed him in the friend zone during season 9.

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