Where Are the Rest of Them? FL Democrats Get Dragged for PATHETIC Pic of Handful of Biden Supporters


The Biden campaign’s election strategy is ‘quality, not quantity’, but the Florida Democrats apparently didn’t get the memo, as they have neither quality nor quantity going on here.

Take a gander at this pic they posted with zero self-awareness.

There are 24 people in this picture. We counted twice.


We’ve been in group text chats with more members.

X users stepped up to the occasion and made a much-deserved mockery out of the Florida Dems:

Yeah, what happened to Latinx, or the more-woke ‘Latine’ it was going to be replaced with?

They couldn’t crack 25.

We’ll be curious to see how they spin this.

Certainly not at this event.

That was our question.

Great minds think alike.


Good times. We can’t believe Jill’s little speech didn’t win over voters.

Remember the breakfast tacos insult? We do.

So pathetic.

Laughed out loud at this.

Same. Low energy, for sure.


The facial expressions are priceless.

Because the Democratic Party promises you unrestricted abortion and free stuff.

Totes over. Fear the power of this voting bloc.

Honestly, it would be hilarious if they just grabbed random people to pad out the photo and this was the best they could do. Because — truly — this guy does look like he just spent the day at Disney rather than a political rally.

Trump’s support among Latino voters is shifting to his favor, news that’s triggering meltdowns among the Left. Between ‘Latine’ and the trans nonsense and Biden’s cafeteria Catholicism and unfettered immigration, it’s easy to understand why. This pic just solidifies the shift.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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