What Biden Should Have Done to Solve Israel-Hamas War?


Bill O’Reilly explains how he thinks Biden could have handled the Israel-Hamas war without risking civilian lives. He points out that every comment he makes publicly to and about Netanyahu is not diplomacy, and catering to his progressive base is not good for the country or the world.

Is this what should have been done?


According to several reports, Middle Eastern radicals are coming over our borders and heading for college campuses.

After reviewing the extreme antisemitism in US universities caused by leftists and foreigners, Sen. Marsha Blackburn called for the foreigners threatening Jewish students to be deported and put on a “no-fly” list. She also wants to make the radicals involved in domestic terrorism not receive tuition forgiveness.

She trashed any idea of taking in Gazans, who, by 74%, approve of Oct. 7. She didn’t mention this, but over 96% of Gazans despise Americans. Even more hate Jews. According to the Arab polls, they hate everyone, so their neighbors don’t want to take them in.


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