WFB Editor in Chief Explains Impact of Immigration on Biden's Campaign


Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Eliana Johnson appeared Friday on PBS, where she discussed the impact immigration will have on President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. The rise in illegal border crossings has skyrocketed since Biden took office in 2021, and polling shows the growing crisis has been one of the top issues on voters’ minds.

“Immigration and the border have been a problem for President Biden,” Johnson said, “and you can see him now prepared to say, ‘We came wanting to sign a deal with the toughest border provisions in a long time and Republicans rejected that.’ The question is whether Biden will actually be able to get out from under all of the bad press and his poor handling of the border up until now.”

Johnson added that the way the immigration issue plays out during the campaign depends on whether Congress manages to pass legislation on border security, which Republicans have demanded in exchange for Ukraine funding.


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