Week 3: Trump on Trial


This week of The State of New York v. Donald Trump began with Judge Juan Merchan’s threat to imprison Trump for his social media posts. Again, at the insistence of the State, Judge Merchan leveled monetary penalties against Trump for the remarks he has made outside the Court.

Voicing his frustration with Trump, Judge Merchan reminded the Republican candidate for president that jailtime is a very real option:

“Your continued violations of this Court’s lawful Order threaten to interfere with the administration of justice in constant attacks which constitute a direct attack on the rule of law. I cannot allow that to continue.

So, as much as I do not want to impose a jail sanction, and I have done everything I can to avoid doing so, I want you to understand that I will, if necessary and appropriate.”

This third week of evidence in the Trump trial started with the State continuing to lay the foundation for the Stormy Daniels non-disclosure agreement (NDA), Michael Cohen’s involvement in that deal, and how Cohen was compensated after that deal took place.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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