WATCH: Willis Goes Over the Edge As She Accuses Attorney of Trying to 'Emasculate a Black Man'


If you guessed that Thursday’s misconduct hearing with testimony from Fulton County DA Fani Willis and Nathan Wade was going to be a barn burner, you would be correct. So far, it’s been something else, particularly with the testimony of Fani Willis. 

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Willis was completely unhinged, and she’s supposed to be a prosecutor. She even freaked out and started screaming at the defense attorney, saying she was lying about her, and the judge had to call a recess to get some order back in the Court. 

I alternated between thinking she was incredibly bizarre and/or thinking she was trying to avoid answering the questions she didn’t want to answer. I think it might be parts of both. She started screaming at the attorney when she was asked if Wade ever slept at her home so that interrupted a clear answer to the question. Maybe she thinks her career is toast and she’s auditioning for an MSNBC spot. 

But it wasn’t done yet. When Trump attorney Steve Sadow asked her if she had any contact with Wade in 2020, she flipped out again. 

She admitted she had “some contact.” 

She then went off track again, disregarding the judge’s caution to just answer the questions (and not go off talking about other things). She attacked Sadow over his “allegations” about her, rather than answer his question. 

Sadow had to get her back on track and say he was asking about the contacts. 

Willis responded the contact was “very limited” because Wade had a “form of cancer that makes [Sadow’s] allegations somewhat ridiculous.” “I’m not going to emasculate a black man,” she declared. 

That stunned Sadow, who said, “What?” 

She repeated again, “I’m not going to emasculate a black man. Did you understand that? So, I don’t think we should discuss further.”

What the heck? Is she trying to bring race into this and accuse Sadow of being racist to a black man? 

She’s the one saying things about Wade. She’s the one exposing whatever condition she is claiming he had.  And how bizarre/wrong of her to try to put his private information out there, if that’s true. Sadow asked her a basic question about her contacts. 

Then, of course, one would have to ask how would she know that information about Wade, which sounds like very personal information, if her story about no relationship at that point is true. That’s the kind of thing you don’t generally share with a casual acquaintance. 

The judge is giving her too much leeway; he needs to admonish her again. 

The hearing is going to continue on Friday. Break out some more popcorn. 

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