WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Turns The Tables On Bill Maher After 2020 Election Comment


Former Trump campaign manager and conservative strategist Kellyanne Conway flipped the script on Bill Maher when the “Real Time” host claimed that Trump has not conceded the 2020 election.

Maher and Bloomberg reporter Joshua Green were arguing that Trump will “never leave” the White House if re-elected in 2024, ignoring the fact that he left without incident in 2020. Maher then jumped in with, “he hasn’t conceded the 2020 election yet. What do you mean ‘how?’ You make it sound like it’s a crazy idea. He has not conceded the one he did lose.”

“I’ll concede it,” Conway replied. “We know Biden is the president presiding over 20 percent increases in gas and groceries, presiding over 22 percent increases in health care, 36 percent in car insurance. I mean, people can’t afford the natural accoutrements of an adult life, which is why young people have abandoned Biden. So it’s very clear Donald Trump is not the president.”

Elsewhere in the discussion, Maher criticized Biden’s multi-billion-dollar student loan forgiveness schemes by drawing comparisons to ongoing pro-Palestine protests on college campuses. Green then noted that student loan forgiveness does not rank as a top priority for younger voters, which led Maher to point out that Trump is winning the youth vote.

“Trump is winning the youth vote, by I think 11 points,” Maher said in reference to a recent CNN poll. “I’m astounded by that.”

When asked why Biden’s poll numbers are stalling out, Green insinuated that the media needs to cover him more positively and instead focus on things like Trump’s criminal trials. “If you turn on your TV today, you see young people protesting, angry, fighting with cops. What you don’t see is Donald Trump in a criminal trial. What you don’t see is, you know, one of his blue-chip vice-presidential candidates murdered a dog a week ago and is two weeks into talking about that story. All of these stories that could potentially be damaging for Republicans and help Joe Biden have fallen by the wayside because all of the attention is on these protesters,” Green said.

He then claimed that Biden was elected to do away with the “chaos” of the Trump Administration.

Conway responded by once again pointing out that Americans, particularly younger Americans, are struggling in Biden’s economy. “When are young people, whether they’re single or married, ever going to be able to afford their first home? Get on with the accoutrements of adult life. This economy is hurting them.”

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