WATCH: John Kennedy Eviscerates Biden: 'Even Old People Can Suck'


In a critique of the Biden administration’s handling of the escalating campus protests related to Israel’s war in Gaza, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) delivered a fiery rebuke of President Joe Biden, saying that “even old people can suck.” The biting remarks were made on Monday, where he accused Biden of being reluctant to confront universities that have struggled to manage pro-Palestinian demonstrations on their campuses.

“President Biden could stop this stuff on a dime,” Kennedy said. “All he would have to do is pick up the phone and call the president of Columbia University quietly and say, ‘Madam President, you’ve got 14 days to get control of your campus or you’re not getting any more federal money.’ Now, she will pounce on that like a ninja.”

Kennedy pointed directly to recent changes in graduation plans at Columbia University and Emory University as emblematic of the administration’s failure. Columbia canceled its traditional main commencement ceremony set for May 15, opting instead for smaller, school-level events. Many universities have cited safety concerns after recent protests saw dozens of demonstrators arrested.

Kennedy criticized Biden for his inaction, attributing the President’s reluctance to intervene to internal Democratic politics. “Biden is scared to death to alienate the Hamas wing of the Democratic Party,” Kennedy stated. “He’s read that new CNN poll, just came out, that said that 52% of likely voters will never, under any circumstances, on God’s good green earth vote for Joe Biden. 52% will vote for the guy who salts the french fries at McDonald’s before they will vote for Joe Biden. And he knows that.”


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After the campus craziness over recent weeks, former President Trump expanded his lead over Biden to the widest margin in the history of CNN’s presidential survey. In a head-to-head matchup with Biden, Trump’s support has held firm at 49 percent. Biden’s support dropped from 45 percent to 43 percent when compared with his numbers at the start of the year.

When asked about his handling of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the president received astronomically low approval. Just 21 percent approve of his job performance on the issue, while a whopping 71 percent disapprove. The figure included 81 percent of younger voters voicing disapproval, representing a growing problem for Biden with a demographic that was key to his 2020 victory.

Kennedy continued to criticize Biden’s handling of campus unrest, arguing that the President’s perceived inaction has emboldened what he described as “rule by mob.”

“You should call it for what it is,” he added. “Rule by mob. A belief in diversity, equity, inclusion, and the right to kill Jews.”

His comments followed a weekend of tense protests across several U.S. university campuses, with pro-Palestinian demonstrators clashing with law enforcement officers. Some universities, including Columbia, responded with heightened police presence and disciplinary measures. Whether this intensifying pressure will yield a response from the Biden administration remains to be seen, as tensions continue to simmer on U.S. college campuses.

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