WATCH: Chris Christie Kisses Anthony Scaramucci On The Lips In Bizarre Moment


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Anthony Scaramucci — a financier who served as Trump’s White House communications director for 10 days in 2017 — shared a bizarre moment during a debut event for the latter’s book.

Anthony Scaramucci’s Trump White House tenure was so short, that some political commentators refer to a short period of time as “one Scaramucci.” The bombastic Wall Street personality was hired as Trump’s communications director in July of 2017, though he ultimately lasted a little more than one week on the job.

In the months and years following his exit, Scaramucci had emerged as a Trump critic. All in all, “the Mooch” followed a similar path to that of Chris Christie, who served as Trump’s White House transition director before turning against him in just a few short years.

When Christie announced his presidential bid last year, Anthony Scaramucci emerged as one of his early donors. The two have since become friends, as evidenced by Christie’s attendance at an event for Scaramucci’s new book titled “From Wall Street To The White House And Back.”

At one point during the event, Scaramucci leaned in and appeared to be attempting to kiss Christie on the cheek, at which point Christie turned in and briefly kissed “the Mooch” on the lips.

Other attendees for Scaramucci’s event included ex-CNN host Chris Cuomo and a number of other Democrats Scaramucci has also run the mainstream media circuit to promote it after he became close with such outlets in the lead-up to the 2020 election.

The Trump Administration’s most forgettable employee has built his post-White House career around seeking approval from leftists for the sin of supporting Trump.

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