WATCH: Chaos Erupts On 'The View' After Joy Behar's Insult Leads To Bizarre Catfight


Tensions soared on ABC’s “The View” as co-hosts weighed in on the latest developments from former President Trump’s hush money trial, turning a simple debate into a chaotic verbal brawl. Sunny Hostin, who was present in the courtroom, offered a firsthand account of the proceedings.

The segment, already primed with the high stakes of political scandal involving payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels, spiraled when Joy Behar’s provocative quip about Trump’s complexion—”What shade of orange is his face? Tangerine or burnt sienna?”—was met with mixed laughter and disbelief. The jab quickly devolved into a more intense confrontation as co-hosts dissected the trial’s impact and witness credibility.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, reflecting on her time as a former Trump administration official, remarked on the testimony of Madeline Westerhout, praising her poise and loyalty. “It’s hard to think that he’s the monster they’re making him out to be when two women cried on the stand about their esteem for him,” Griffin said.

In contrast, Hostin described the courtroom atmosphere as charged and significant, noting the unprecedented nature of a former president being tried. “It’s a very large courtroom, and you’ve got a, in God we trust seal right next to it, the American flag right across from the New York state flag,” Hostin shared.


The discussion took a bizarre turn when the co-hosts began to analogize Trump’s courtroom demeanor to characters from “The Seven Dwarfs,” debating whether he appeared more ‘Sleepy’ or ‘Dopey’ during the proceedings—a commentary that highlighted his unconventional behavior.

Amid the playful banter, serious points were made about the strategy behind the prosecution’s decision to bring Daniels to the stand. Griffin criticized this move as a mistake, suggesting it invited a character assassination rather than focusing on the legal facts. “They want her to seem trashy juxtaposed to these two women who genuinely have nothing but good things to say about Donald Trump,” Griffin argued, pointing to the potential bias this could create in the jury.

As the debate heated up, Behar shot back, comparing Griffin’s shift in support for Trump to that of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, leading to a flurry of interruptions and cross-talk. Hostin finally broke through the noise, saying the potential influence of jury composition and engagement on the trial’s outcome. “Cases are won and lost with jury selection.”

Trump faces 34 counts of falsifying business records as his trial picks up again Friday at 9 a.m. with the cross-examination of ex-White House aide Madeleine Westerhout. The charges are the result of a lengthy investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, with Trump maintaining his innocence.

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