WATCH: Alvin Bragg Ruthlessly Grilled By Reporters On NYC Migrant Attack


Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was put on the defensive as reporters pressed him for answers regarding the release of several migrants accused of a violent assault on NYPD officers.

The confrontation ignited a firestorm of criticism towards Bragg, a Democrat, who has remained steadfast in his refusal to discuss the specifics of the case or the rationale behind the decision to release the migrants without bail.

The incident unfolded last weekend, capturing widespread attention after video footage emerged showing a group of individuals attacking two police officers in New York City. Following the assault, multiple suspects were apprehended, but the decision to release five of them without bail has drawn sharp rebuke from law enforcement officials and the public.

“Why were those migrants released?” one reporter asked.


“Do you regret it? Do you regret letting these migrants free?” Despite the barrage of questions, Bragg remained unresponsive, offering no explanation.

The controversy comes at a sensitive time for Bragg, who had previously been embroiled in legal debates over his handling of high-profile cases, including the investigation into a hush money case involving former President Donald Trump.

Critics have argued that the decision to release the suspects undermines public safety and signals a troubling precedent in the handling of violent crimes.

Among the suspects is Yohenry Brito, who was released on a $15,000 bail, while the others, released without bail, reportedly boarded buses to leave the city, as per local media reports.


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