WAR DRUMS: Biden Launches Strikes on 'Iran-Backed' Targets in Iraq, Syria


Last Updated on February 2, 2024

The United States launched strikes against at least 85 “Iran-backed” targets in Iraq and Syria on Friday, including positions held by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. The strikes come after a drone attack left 3 US troops dead along the Jordanian-Syrian border and as America’s presence in the region continues to expand amid Israel’s war in Gaza. In conjunction with America’s strikes in the region, Israel once again struck Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and also reportedly struck targets inside Syria.

American bombers struck targets throughout Iraq and Syria that the Biden Administration says are linked to Iran and its Revolutionary Guard, as well as recent strikes on US forces in the area. Thus far, casualty figures are unclear, and it is being reported that the United States has publicly ruled out strikes inside of Iran, though that could change as Iran is vowing to strike American embassies and other targets in what is becoming a deadly game of tit for tat.

Watch Video Footage of an American Strike on a Weapon Depot in Iraq Below: 

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In a White House statement officially announcing the US strikes, Biden threatened further military action, saying that while “Our response began today[,] It will continue at times and places of our choosing.”


During a phone call with the parents of one of the fallen Americans, which Biden cited in his statement announcing the strikes, Joe Biden told the same lie he’s used over and over again, falsely claiming that he knows how they feel because his son Beau was killed in Iraq. In reality, Beau Biden, who was a military veteran, died after a battle with brain cancer.

In another statement, this one from Lloyd Austin, the Biden Defense Secretary said that the strikes in Iraq and Syria were only “the start of our response” and that Biden “directed additional actions to hold [Iran’s Revolutionary Guard] and affiliated militia accountable for their attacks on US and coalition forces.”

After threatening more strikes and the American military presence abroad continues to grow, Austin then claimed that the US does “not seek conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else.”

Lloyd Austin Iran Strikes

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