Vučić Accuses Globalist NGOs Of Waging War On Serbia


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Speaking on national television, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić claimed that he has received reports from two unspecified foreign intelligence services criticizing the Serbian authorities. He also said that globalist NGOs are waging a war to undermine Serbian institutions.

“I have come into possession of what two foreign services drew up for their foreign ministries saying that Serbia is a problem because it won’t recognize Kosovo, is tolerant towards Dodik [President of Reoublika Srpska] and that it is a platform for Russian media,” Vučić said, adding that those reports recommend taking actions to undermine trust in Serbian authorities.

Drawing a diagram on a blackboard to illustrate his point, the Serbian President explained, “You need air superiority, that is money. You need infantry, that is the situation on the ground. You need artillery, those are the media.” He pointed to “Rockefellers and other foundations which finance various green agendas” as examples.

Vučić added that Albanians are being armed, while Serbs are disarmed, while the Western media keeps lying every day that Serbia is about to attack someone and that election fraud was committed. He said that some media in Kosovo are being paid by the West to criminalize Serbs.

Vučić called the London Guardian “a criminal newspaper” that is waging a campaign against him. He also said the German tabloid Bild and Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung are also waging coordinated attacks on Serbia.

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