Vince Ellison tells Charlie Kirk ‘a man who believes his power comes from God cannot be a slave’


Charlie Kirk hosted “Crime, Inc.” Author Vince Ellison on The Charlie Kirk Show on Monday to expose the truth behind the Civil Rights Movement and its leader in light of Martin Luther King Day.

Ellison said that critics calling Kirk “racist” are “people that like to see black people in their place.”

“An educated free man cannot be a slave. A man that believes that his power comes from God, comes from Jesus Christ, comes from his own self that’s independent and free, cannot be a slave.

That same man, he said, will “not vote for the Democrat Party.”

Ellison recounted that the Democratic party was the party of slavery from 1800-1860, the Confederacy from 1860-1865, and Jim Crow from 1865-1870.

“They’ve always gained their power by beating down black people. And now they’re the party of socialism, the party of Marxism, party of abortion, party of transgenderism,” he said. “They have to make you a victim in order to succeed. And the way they make us victims is to tell us that we have to depend on them and beg them for everything.”

Ellison explained that these ideals were the essence of the Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement.

MLK “marched, begged, and was greedy, asking for the government to feed, clothe and protect him,” he said. “A man like me that says, ‘I don’t need you to feed me, to clothe me, or protect me is a problem for them.”

“God ordered us to fear not … He says that I got you, you ain’t gotta beg for nothing. I am your father, the cattle on 1000 heels belongs to me.

“And we’re begging for the scraps that fall off that table? Never me,” Ellison declared. “So when man stands up, and when a man says I take care of myself, I don’t need your help, it scares the hell out of them. And they don’t want black people to hear this.”

Las Vegas News Magazine

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