Video: Nikki Haley Says Illegal Aliens Are Not Criminals, Americans Should Stop Being 'Disrespectful' to Them


Last Updated on January 5, 2024

Video footage from 2015 has resurfaced showing GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, who was then serving as the Governor of South Carolina, insisting that illegal aliens are not criminals and that it’s “disrespectful” of Americans to call them such, even though they’ve ILLEGALLY entered the United States.

“We are a country of immigrants,” Haley, a first-generation American, claimed in the footage, parroting the frequent left-wing talking point that compares third-world human traffickers, narco-terrorists, and others invading America’s southern border to the settlers who tamed the wild frontier and built in its place the most advanced nation in world history.

“These people that are wanting to come here, they want to come here for a better life, too,” Haley went on to say.

“They have kids, too. They have a heart, too. So, we don’t need to be disrespectful. We don’t need to talk about them as criminals — they’re not. They’re families that want a better life, and they’re desperate to get here. What we need to do is make sure that we have a set of laws that we follow, and that we go through with that.”

Watch the video below to hear Nikki Haley’s full remarks: 

Though the footage above was originally published in 2015, Haley’s support for mass migration into the United States hasn’t subsided since then, though she has feigned support for securing America’s southern border on the presidential campaign trail.

In November 2023, as she campaigned for primary votes in New Hampshire, Haley shifted her open borders talking points over to legal immigration as proposed that corporations, not the government, determine how many immigrants the United States admits per year, based on how many foreigners they’d like to hire in place of American workers.

“It shouldn’t take someone ten years to become a citizen,” Haley told the small crowd.

“We need to go to our industries and say ‘What do you need that you don’t have?’ So think agriculture, think tourism, think tech. We want the talent that’s gonna make us better. Then you bring people in that fill those needs.”

Watch Nikki Haley call for corporations to control American immigration law in the video below: 

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