Vazrazhdane Says The Voice Of The Bulgarian People Must Be Heard


Vazrazhdane (Renaissance) leader Kostadin Kostadinov, via Facebook

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Bulgaria’s leading opposition party, Vazrazhdane (Renaissance), held a press briefing at the National Assembly on Wednesday to discuss the court proceedings around the referendum to preserve the Bulgarian Lev as the country’s national currency. The country’s globalist government, acting on orders from the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, unilaterally decided to deny the Bulgarian people a voice on this issue in violation of the Bulgarian constitution last summer.

The leader of Vazrazhdane, Kostadin Kostadinov expressed his dismay that the legal request of 604,000 Bulgarian citizens to hold a referendum on this issue was ignored by the globalist government. Vazrazhdane led the campaign to collect the signatures in compliance with Bulgarian law and they were verified by the authorities.

Kostadinov said he feared that upcoming changes in the composition of the Constitutional Court could lead to a decision that contradicts the Constitution. The Denkov government is appointing new members to the court who will obey its dictates instead of upholding the law.

Kostadinov pointed out that if the referendum question was unconstitutional, as the globalist government falsely claims, it would have been rejected a long time ago. He added that the question of the referendum was formulated by constitutionalists and former constitutional judges, which gives reason to believe that it meets constitutional requirements.

The leader of Vazrazhdane said that he expects the Constitutional Court will ignore the will of the Bulgarian citizens and violate the Constitution, pointing out that this was the idea behind the appointment of the new members of the court. He also mentioned the strong external pressure from foreign embassies against holding the referendum.

Kostadin Kostadinov said that the voice of the Bulgarian people must be heard and he emphasized that the upcoming European elections represent a “golden chance” for Bulgaria to preserve its financial sovereignty. He called on Bulgarian citizens to realize the importance of these elections and to actively participate in them to change the current political situation in the European Union and take advantage of the changes in world politics after the US presidential elections in the fall.

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