US Fire Sale! Lankford-Schumer Border Deal


The Schumer-Lankford Border Deal is a complete sellout of the United States. Having millions of military-age young men pour into the country at the rate of 5,000 a day,, which is part of the deal, is 1.8 million a year in a year, and it won’t be 1.8 million. It will be more. In any case, it’s allowing an unsustainable number of anonymous foreigners to take over the country. These are foreigners coming from countries that hate us.

The Biden regime’s parole, even restricted parole, and amnesty creations will have them come in on apps, fly, and bus them in. Overstays will remain, and deportations will be almost non-existent as they are now. This is in addition to more than one million a year legal immigrants.

The administration is still calling every illegal alien a refugee seeking amnesty. That ruse doesn’t go away under this deal. If they make the deal, Republicans become complicit. Just drop it. Democrats and Mitch aren’t dealing fairly. Please, Republicans, don’t give them the funding for Ukraine and Israel.

USA fire sale

Fox was discussing the Immigration Accountability Project and the Schumer-Lankford Border Deal, which is more a facade than a building aimed at getting Mitch McConnell his billions of dollars for Ukraine.

Mitch McConnell is backing this. Democrats won’t give him funds for Ukraine if he doesn’t make this deal. Maybe Mitch is senile, or he’s just another Democrat or bought and paid for by donors. This deal smells of the Chamber of Commerce. It doesn’t matter the reason. They are all betraying his voters and the nation.

Republicans are still trying to sell horrible deals with the promise that we’ll do better when we have power.

In U.S. immigration law, parole allows the government to allow a foreigner to enter the United States on a temporary or provisional basis. Biden has abused it by not using it in the limited way it was meant to be used.

“Republicans argue that Biden has abused his parole powers with these programs, which they say have worsened the crisis at the border and attracted more migrants hoping to be allowed in. They say parole is meant to be used sparingly on a case-by-case basis, not as a free pass for tens of thousands to enter each month who haven’t qualified for U.S. visas,” says WaPo.

Restrictions to parole could include limiting the numbers allowed on parole.

Mike Lee is not pleased.

Remember when 1,000 was too much?

We’re not safe, and it’s destroying who we are as a nation, but even that won’t move the DC establishment.

Biden administration officials warned that Hezbollah might attack the US on our soil. And we have open borders! Still, they won’t close the borders.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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