Unvetted Aliens from 170 Countries Are Pouring Across the Border


First, they dumped Venezuelans into Texas, and now it’s Africans. In fact, people are coming from 170 countries. They are forever changing the Red State of Texas that is needed for Republicans to win presidential elections.

Single military-age men, who are unvetted, are pouring across the border. Obviously, that is a problem.

Religiously and culturally, the people coming from 170 countries have nothing in common with the people of Texas.

The drug problem it is causing is very serious. It’s destroying our youth.

When the Democrats have one-party rule, life in this country will be Hell. They want to control our speech, right to defense, privacy, everything we eat, how we cook, and how we heat our homes. That’s only for starters.

San Diego is starting to pick up. The top four countries in San Diego sectors hit 1,000+ encounters yesterday: Colombia: 170, China: 136, Brazil: 106, Mexico: 103. This completely changes the country. China is a particular concern because they want to infiltrate our country to influence our politics. The other countries are rife with cartels, warlords, and other terrorists.

It’s not racist to recognize that if you take people in with totally diverse cultures and politics, you will destroy the unity that made this country work. Some of this is driven by the hatred of Christians, white people, and Republicans in this country.

The only hope this country has for survival is to deport these people. No Democrat will do it. They want a third-world USA.

If Africans, Asians, and Middle Easterners need asylum, they are legally supposed to go to the next country, but this is not what is happening.

Criminal illegal aliens are pouring in.

In just one week, over 8,650 illegal aliens from 73 different countries were caught in the San Diego sector of the southern border between January 31st and February 6th. Gavin Newsom won’t control the border.

According to the CBP, the fastest-growing groups of illegals are Chinese.

Laura Loomer will travel to the Darien Gap with Michael Yon. He explains that there are Chinese communist camps, Hamas, and Hezbollah camps. A lot of people are coming through our unmanned northern border.

People say we have ten million illegal aliens who have come here in three years. It’s much more than that.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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