Unvaccinated West Point Cadets Allegedly Subjected To Harsh Retribution: Report – JP


West Point cadets are facing what they regard as retaliation for their unvaccinated status, spurring parents and students alike to address their worries, a Fox News report detailed.

According to the letters from an anonymous West Point cadet, as well as concerned parents who spoke to Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday, the school has treated unvaccinated students harshly.

West Point, which holds over 4,500 students, has nearly 40 students who remain unvaccinated, Fox reported. Those who are unvaccinated are subjected to a seven day quarantine, apparently cutting into the students’ already short leave time, according to Fox.

“It’s like solitary confinement – for a disease we don’t have,” one cadet anonymously wrote.

Some parents of students took to Hannity to voice their concerns, all of whose children purportedly have either natural immunity or medical exemptions.

“I don’t understand what the leadership at West Point is doing right now,” Brian MacDonald, a parent of an unvaccinated student, said. “Quick thing on my daughter: She loves the Lord; she loves her country. And all she wants to do, her dream, is just to serve both at West Point right now,” he continued.

Mathias Sampson, an Army veteran himself, said, “My daughter has valid concerns about this vaccination – concerns pertaining to fertility, long-term effects.”

Hannity called the school’s policies “draconian,” citing a school diagram that affirmed cadets must wear masks when showering and even swimming, if students are closer than six feet.

Fox News also came into possession of a campus spreadsheet that lists cadets by name, vaccine status, year, and other information. West Point, although confirming its authenticity, said that it was “inadvertently” circulated.

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