University Medical System Forms 'Antiracist' Group That Teaches Whites How to Say They're Sorry


A scalpel doesn’t know the race of the patient it’s penetrating; nonetheless, modern medicine devoid of racial ideology just won’t cut it.

Per its online information, University of Washington Medicine “is one of the top-rated academic medical systems in the world. With a mission to improve the health of the public, UW Medicine educates the next generation of physicians and scientists, leads one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive biomedical research programs, and provides outstanding care to patients from across the globe.”

To ensure it’s keeping up with the times, the program boasts a club called “WAG.” The dogmatic alliance aims to hound racism — the Caucasian kind. lays it out:

White Antiracism Group (WAG)

WAG originated as part of a series of caucuses in response to the killing of George Floyd in Summer, 2020, in which UW Medicine’s colleagues came together to discuss how to support our Black colleagues and BIPOC community from a whiteness perspective. 

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What’s a “whiteness” point of view? Well, antiracism eyes People of the Pale as oppressors. Consider a past explanation by UCLA Law Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw:

Antiracism is the active dismantling of systems, privileges, and everyday practices that reinforce and normalize the contemporary dimensions of white dominance. This, of course, also involves a critical understanding of the history of whiteness in America.

Hence, presumably, to join WAG is to acknowledge one’s sins as a subjugator. It’s a logical step in the process of shouldering the burden otherwise borne by nonwhites. More from UW Medicine:

The current WAG is responsive to stated needs for more structured and ongoing peer-led efforts to help our community better understand antiracism and support each other in becoming more antiracist without having to burden non-white colleagues for this support.

The webpage asks future Aryan physicians four questions to determine whether they’re ripe for the revolution:

  • Do you wonder how you fit in to UW Medicine’s commitment to being an antiracist institution?
  • Are you a UW Medicine community member who wishes to learn more about antiracism and deepen your engagement in antiracist work within our community, or in your home environment?
  • Would you like support and structure in learning and implementing antiracist action?
  • Do you want to be a part of a growing UW Medicine community working towards and calling for change?

In the past, most Americans would’ve surely agreed a medical school had no business being an “antiracist institution” — or any type of institution besides the medical kind. But these days, social ideology is omnipresent. No arena shall be exempt:

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To be clear, UW Medicine’s WAG isn’t trying to supplant the official social justice office; that’s needed as well. From the site’s Healthcare Equity section:

The WAG is not a book club or an emotional support group, and it does not replace the other efforts of the Office of Healthcare Equity (OHE) to provide diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice training throughout the system. WAG is a space for folx to work together to learn, challenge, and support each other in the hard work of personal and collective growth towards antiracist identities and behavior.

Spring 2024’s four WAG meetings, the school says, “will be informed by affinity group sessions.” OHE hosts affinity associations for all students but straight white ones who claim to be their biological sex:

The Office of Healthcare Equity has the affinity groups for colleagues convening to provide supportive and protected spaces for members of different groups to connect and support each other.

  • Black
  • LatinX
  • Indigenous
  • Native Hawaiian
  • Asian and Pacific Islander
  • LGBTQIA2s+

For hundreds of years, America’s medical apparatus focused on healing the physically sick. Thanks to our turning tide, a tipping of the Caucasian canoe seems to now be society’s best medicine. 

Each student registering for WAG must provide a name and email address, plus indicate whether they’re one individual or multiple people:


  • She/Her/Hers
  • He/Him/His
  • They/Them/Theirs

Ostensibly, ze and ve need not apply. For WAG’s sake, each applicant is hopefully a “they” — there’s safety and success in numbers, and that’ll at least double the membership. 

Amid the emphasis on killing whiteness, will today’s medical students learn how to save lives? The country’s future sickly are counting on it. Either way, many will be additionally diagnosed with a skin disorder — the malady of having too little melanin.

WAG’s sessions are titled “Making Mistakes When Trying to Be Antiracist;” “Anxiety, Fragility, Discomfort;” “Understanding Intersectionality and Privilege;” and perhaps most importantly, “How to Apologize.”


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