Tucker Carlson Trip To Moscow Proclaimed “Last Chance To Stop Disappearance Of Humanity”


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Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, architect of the “The Fourth Political Theory” guiding Russia, has been described in the West as “Putin’s Brain”, and whose journalist daughter Darya Dugina was brutally assassinated last year by the Ukraine Nazi Regime, released his assessment of America’s most trusted and popular newsman Tucker Carlson over 2 hour interview of President Putin, that’s been viewed by over 190 million peoples in less than 72 hours on the X social media platform alone, wherein he warningly proclaimed:

Why is Tucker Carlson’s interview considered pivotal for both the West and Russia?

Let us start with the simpler part: Russia. Here, Tucker Carlson has become a focal point for two polar opposites within Russian society: ideological patriots and elite Westernisers who nonetheless remain loyal to Putin and the Special Military Operation.

For patriots, Tucker Carlson is simply ‘one of us’. He is a traditionalist, a right-wing conservative, and a staunch opponent of liberalism. This is what twenty-first-century emissaries to the Russian tsar look like. Thus, Russian patriots and Russian Westernisers (increasingly more Russian and less Western) come to a consensus in the figure of Tucker Carlson.

In the West, everything is even more fundamental. Tucker Carlson is a symbolic figure. He is now the main symbol of the America that hates Biden, liberals, and globalists and is preparing to vote for Trump.

Trump, Carlson, and Musk, plus Texas Governor Abbott, are the faces of the looming American Revolution, this time a Conservative Revolution.

To this already powerful resource, Russia connects. No, it is not about Putin supporting Trump, which could easily be dismissed in the context of war with the United States.

Carlson’s visit is about something else. Biden and his maniacs have effectively attacked a great nuclear power through the hands of Kiev’s unleashed terrorists, and humanity is on the verge of destruction. Nothing more, nothing less.

The globalist media continue to spin a Marvel series for infants, where Spider-Man Zelensky magically wins with superpowers and magical pigs against the Kremlin’s ‘Dr. Evil’.

However, this is just a cheap, silly series. In reality, everything is heading towards the use of nuclear weapons and possibly the destruction of humanity.

Tucker Carlson conducts a reality check: does the West understand what it is doing, pushing the world towards the apocalypse? There is a real Putin and a real Russia, not these staged characters and settings from Marvel. Look what the globalists have done and how close we are to it!

It is not about the content of the interview with Putin. It is the fact that a person like Tucker Carlson is visiting a country like Russia to meet a political figure like Putin at such a critical time.

Tucker Carlson’s trip to Moscow might be the last chance to stop the disappearance of humanity.

The gigantic billion-strong attention to this pivotal interview from humanity itself, as well as the frenzied, inhuman rage of Biden, the globalists, and the world’s citizens intoxicated with decay, testify to humanity’s awareness of the seriousness of the situation.

The world can only be saved by stopping now.

For that, America must choose Trump. And Tucker Carlson. And Elon Musk. And Abbott.

Then we get a chance to pause on the brink of the abyss.

Compared to this, everything else is secondary.

Liberalism and its agenda have led humanity to a dead end. Now the choice is this: either liberals or humanity.

Tucker Carlson chooses humanity, which is why he came to Moscow to meet Putin.

The whole world understood why he came and how important it is.

Though knowing philosopher Alexander Dugin portrayed the Russian invasion of Ukraine as part of a “Holy War against Absolute Evil”, embodied in Western civilization, its liberal-totalitarian hegemony and in Ukrainian Nazism, this report notes, nevertheless it saw NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg declaring for total war yesterday: “NATO is not looking for war with Russia…But we have to prepare ourselves for a confrontation that could last decades…If Putin wins in Ukraine, there is no guarantee that Russian aggression will not spread to other countries…We need to restore and expand our industrial base more quickly so that we can increase supplies to Ukraine and replenish our own stocks…That means switching from slow production in times of peace to fast production, as is necessary in conflicts”—a declaration for total war quickly followed by top Russian Commander Apti Alaudinov proclaiming that Russia military forces wielding “God’s Punishing Sword” are well prepared to destroy “Satanist America”.

With the ruler of “Satanist America” Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden having just been slammed with a United States Department of Justice report officially declaring him too feeble minded to face criminal charges, this report continues, in response to damning articles now appearing like “Either Biden Is An ‘Elderly Man With A Poor Memory’, Or He Needs To Be Charged. Pick One”, the leftist New York Times, in its just released article “Mr. President, Ditch The Stealth About Health”, warningly observed:

In the days before TV and social media, the White House could suppress the fact that Roosevelt, who contracted polio when he was 39, could barely walk. With the help of a complicit press corps, a censoring Secret Service and a variety of ruses, F.D.R. was even able to campaign giving the impression that he was mobile.

But stealth about health is no longer possible, and the sooner President Biden’s team stops being in denial about that, the better off Democrats will be.

Jill Biden and his other advisers come up with ways to obscure signs of senescence — from shorter news conferences to almost zero print interviews to TV interviews mainly with fawning MSNBC anchors.

Biden is not just in a bubble — he’s in bubble wrap.

Cosseting and closeting Uncle Joe all the way to the end — eschewing town halls and the Super Bowl interview — are just not going to work. Going on defense, when Trump is on offense, is not going to work. Counting on Trump’s vileness to secure the win, as Hillary did, is not going to work.

Democrats should grab their smelling salts for a long case of the vapors. It’s going to be a most virulent, violent year.

As a direct consequence of the feeble mindedness of President Biden, this report details, he has caused the deliberate deaths of hundreds-of-thousands of elderly Ukrainian men between the ages of 40 and 60 sent to battle against the world’s second most powerful military of Russia, and today the leftist New York Times revealed: “Ukraine has a small generation of 20-year-olds because birthrates plummeted during the deep economic depression of the 1990s…Because of this demographic trough, there are now three times as many men in their 40s as in their 20s in Ukraine….Drafting more men in their 20s, given the likely battle casualties, would risk reducing the number of births in this small generation of Ukrainians, resulting in declines of draft- and working-age men decades from now and endangering the country’s future security and economy”—a revelation joined by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announcing this morning: “The Ukrainian armed forces lost over 2,190 troops in the Donetsk area in the past week…In the Kharkov Region, the enemy lost over 725 troops…In the past 7 days, aviation and air defense forces downed a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 and Su-25 planes, 34 HIMARS, Vampire, Uragan and Olkha MLRS rockets, as well as 488 drones…Overall, since the beginning of the special military operation, the enemy lost 570 planes, 265 helicopters, 12,166 drones, 464 missile air defense systems, 14,956 tanks and other armored vehicles, 1,218 MLRS launchers, 8,008 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 18,419 special automobile vehicles”.

Along with German journalist Paul Ronzheimer for the Bild newspaper grimly observing: “This is probably the worst crisis for Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict in 2022”, this report notes, the leftist New York Times fearfully assessed: “Ukraine’s worsening lack of ammunition and battle fatigue will most likely force Kiev to abandon its current frontline positions unless it receives new aid from the West…Western officials believe that without US aid, a cascading collapse along the front is a real possibility in 2024”—all of which was followed by the world’s richest person Elon Musk posting the urgent message: “It is time to stop the meat grinder…Should have been done a year ago”.

In attempting to stop deranged President Biden before his officially declared feeble mind ends humanity, this report concludes, yesterday it saw United States Senator Rand Paul proclaiming: “It’s criminal neglect for Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden to get together to send $100 billion overseas to fix someone else’s border before addressing our border”—a proclamation joined with the news: “Florida Representative Anna Paulina Luna has introduced a bill that would mandate members of Congress sign up for military service if they push for more aid to Ukraine”—and to the astonishment of the entire world, yesterday it saw United States Senator Mike Lee delivering an over 4 hour address to the American peoples on the floor of the United States Senate [Note: Senator Lee begins speaking at the 19:30 mark in the below posted video] to warn them of the grave dangers they face, and at one point most factually observed: “The military-industrial complex is acting in concert with politicians in Washington and making business out of bloodshed at the expense of the freedom and honor of the American people…This military-industrial complex and the Biden administration are asking for another round of Ukraine funding despite already providing Kiev with more than $100 billion, an amount twice the size of Russia’s average annual defense spending…US assistance to Ukraine is significantly higher than that of any other nation in the world, both in relative and absolute terms…And this request for more funding comes at a time when the American people were starting to increasingly realize the extent to which extensive spending in Washington, D.C. has affected their day-to-day lives”.


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