TRUTH –> Dean Cain DROPS a Whole LOTTA Civics for Dummies Right on Adam Schiff's Head and It's GLORIOUS


We know you’re not surprised that Adam Schiff had to post something melodramatic and annoying on January 6th since this Schiff Head has made a ridiculous name for himself based on pushing the Russia Collusion hoax AND of course, January 6th. What a miserable choad this guy is.

Can we say choad?

If not, our bad. We’ll apologize later but you guys, it just FITS him, ya’ know? How can anyone read this post and not think, ‘Wow, what a choad.’

Democrats know they have NOTHING to run on.


So they keep pushing this whole idea about how fragile our democracy is and how Trump will END EVERYTHING AND EVERY BODY AND REEEEEE. 

It’s pathetic and annoying … and they know better. They know we’re a republic.

We think? Maybe not. Lucky for Schiff For Brains, Dean Cain was more than happy to give him a little Civics education.

Ding ding freaking ding.

This isn’t difficult.


Ok, fair point.


Sad but true.

And fin.



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