Trump Responds to RNC Talk About Declaring Him Presumptive Nominee, Destroys Those 'Dictator' Digs


As we reported earlier, there was a draft resolution being tossed around in the RNC to declare former President Donald Trump the presumptive nominee. He has won the first two primary contests by good amounts and is ahead in the polls in other contests. 

GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel said she didn’t see a path ahead for Nikki Haley. 

That ticked off the Haley people, including New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, who called McDaniel “an idiot,” claiming without evidence that “Donald Trump must have put the fear of God in her.” He also appeared to specifically acknowledge the strategy to use Democrats to pump up Haley’s vote. “In South Carolina, if you’re a Democrat, you can just walk in the door and vote. So there is a lot of opportunity there” for Nikki Haley, he said. That got a lot of reaction from people on X chastising them for using/appealing to Democrats to pump Haley’s vote. That the majority of the people voting in the GOP primary were not Republicans is a concerning development. But even so, Trump won with 70 percent of the Republican vote and got the most votes of anyone in the New Hampshire primary — Democrat or Republican — ever. 


NEW: RNC Considering Draft Resolution to Declare Trump the Republican Nominee for President

What Sununu Says About South Carolina and Dems Voting in GOP Primary Has People Talking

As we previously noted, Democrats voting in Republican primaries was a strategy that Democratic strategist David Plouffe was encouraging on MSNBC.

But former President Donald Trump destroyed Sununu’s accusation in a Truth Social post where he said to the RNC thanks, but no thanks. He didn’t want such a resolution on his behalf. 

Trump said that while he appreciated the RNC move to make him the presumptive nominee, he felt that for the sake of party unity, they should not go forward with this plan and that he should do it the “Old Fashioned” way and “finish the process off at the ballot box.” 

That’s the right move, let the people decide, and the result will happen soon enough. He’s got that right. Additionally, I think he may appreciate the issue just a little bit more because Democrats are trying to boot him off ballots and shut down people’s ability to vote. So he’s probably pretty conscious of not walking down the Democratic path. I think he also probably wouldn’t want an asterisk next to his name, and he’s confident in the support that he will have coming up. He’s 30 points up in South Carolina at this point and he doubtless thinks he can walk away with it. If Haley loses South Carolina, it’s going to be harder for her to justify staying in, even though she is now talking as though she intends to remain for a while. 

So much for Trump being a dictator when he wants to let the people decide. One more Democratic nonsensical attack just got destroyed. 

His verbiage is a reminder of this old commercial. 

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