Trump on Trial: Week 3


Michael Cohen has finally testified in The People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump. His testimony spanned all week and direct examination will continue on Monday morning.

Cohen is the State’s final witness, the man who is supposed to confirm Trump’s knowledge of, and involvement in, not only the Stormy Daniels deal but the alleged falsification of business records relating to that deal.

But presenting Cohen isn’t without risk, perhaps indicating the desperation of District Attorney Bragg and his team of prosecutors. It isn’t just that Cohen is dishonest, having been convicted of lying to federal investigators and Congress. Or that his dishonesty is a character flaw. Rather, it is his character. (To borrow a phrase from Christopher Hitchens, Cohen isn’t a liar – he’s a lie.) Everything he seemingly does is tainted with some type of falsehood or lie or bending of the truth. And you want to convict a former President – and current presidential candidate – through that testimony?

Las Vegas News Magazine

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