Trans ‘vampire’ convicted of sexually assaulting disabled girl, suspected of murdering disabled man


A 35-year-old transgender biological male who identifies as a vampire has been convicted of allegedly sexually assaulting a mentally disabled 16-year-old girl in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Adam Hetke, who goes by Sabrina, was booked for murder just two weeks later in connection with the death of 28-year-old Vydale Thompson, who also had a mental disability.

According to the Waukesha County Freeman, in July 2021 Hetke approached the teen at a gas station, followed her to her home, and proceeded to sexually assault her while threatening to use a knife if she refused. 

The victim only managed to escape by jumping out her bedroom window. She later explained to police that Hetke “told her that he was a vampire and that he would bite her if she didn’t do what he wanted.”

Hetke was arrested a short time later and charged with first-degree sexual assault by threatening the use of a dangerous weapon and second-degree sexual assault of a mentally ill victim

On April 11, a jury convicted Hetke on both counts after a psychiatric evaluation found Hetke mentally fit to stand trial.

Hetke, who according to police records has at least 15 known aliases including “White Chocolate,” “Morgan,” and “Black Dragon,” was already a convicted sex offender when the incident took place, and had been released from prison for other sex crimes just a year earlier. It was only then that Hetke began identifying as a woman.

Two weeks after being arrested for the aforementioned sexual assault, Hetke was charged for Thompson’s murder. Hetke had been apprehended on tentative charges after the man’s body was found on April 15, but police let Hetke walk free. This time, however, Hetke was kept in custody and formally charged with first degree murder.

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, Hetke admitted to roommates who were in the home when Thompson was murdered that Hetke was the killer. Hetke claimed that while God couldn’t revive the man, Hetke could, “because I’m the devil.” Hetke allegedly strangled Thompson with an electrical cord in an attempt to exorcise a “demon” Hetke believed was inside the man. 

The case is set to go to trial in June, with a hearing scheduled for April 30.

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