‘Too little, too late’: East Palestine residents SLAM Biden for prioritizing illegal immigrants and Ukraine over suffering ‘abandoned’ Americans


On Friday, President Joe Biden did not receive a warm welcome in East Palestine, Ohio when he went to visit the site of the toxic train derailment for the first time since the tragedy occurred more than one year ago.

Residents of East Palestine, who were out protesting Biden in the streets, said the president’s visit was “a little too late.”

Reporter Ben Bergquam of Real Americas Voice spoke to local residents on Human Events Daily with host Jack Posobiec from the site of the protests. The Ohioans made it clear that the Democrat president was not welcome in their town.

The streets along Biden’s presidential motorcade route were lined with Trump and American flags, as well as disgruntled citizens who told Bergquam that Biden’s unwillingness to visit their town following the tragedy made them feel “abandoned.”

“What do you guys think about Joe?” Bergquam asked the crowd.

“We don’t like Joe,” one resident yelled. “Stay home, go back to bed, Joe Biden. We don’t want you!”

Protesters held up signs that included phrases such as “too little, too late,” Impeach Joe,” and “We want Trump.”

One protester named Mike told Bergquam that he coined the slogan it’s “too little, too late” because Biden “should have been here a year ago for this town.”

“They’re sending billions over to Ukraine. How about sending a billion here to East Palestine to get them back on track?” said Mike.

“People of America, towns like this that built this country. We’re sick of it,” he added.

As Berqguam reported in the crowd, neighbors told him about the health problems they’ve been having since the toxic train derailment. They also chastised Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, and stated that the climate in which they have been living since the tragedy is far from healthy, despite Buttigieg’s claims.

“My child and I both have been sicker more in the last year than we have been probably in the last 40 years of my life,” a female resident said. “We’re not safe at all.”

On whether or not she trusts Buttigieg, the resident responded “Absolutely not.”

Furthermore, Berqguam asked the crowd: “What’s your message to Joe Biden?”

“He needs to get things taken care of,” said another resident. “People here need taken care of. Not in other countries. Not everywhere else. They’re taxing us. Sending our money overseas. Giving it to illegals. People here aren’t taken care of.”

President Biden has been heavily criticized over the past year for not visiting East Palestine, while former President Donald J. Trump immediately visited the site of the tragedy that occurred on Feb. 3, 2023. Trump’s efforts garnered him an endorsement from Trent R. Conaway, the Mayor of East Palestine.

A Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials derailed in East Palestine, releasing toxic chemicals into the surrounding area which created a detrimental crisis for residents in the area. In an effort to remove the dangerous items, cleanup workers ultimately set five rail carriages on fire. This resulted in a hazardous cloud of thick smoke engulfing the air.

Since the tragedy, residents have taken aim at President Biden over his failure to visit the city. When the Biden administration announced the president’s upcoming visit last month, locals immediately made it clear that Biden was not welcomed, calling it a political stunt during an election year.


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