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Putin laid flowers at the Frontier Stone Monument on the Nevsky Patch in commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the liberation of Leningrad from National Socialist German Workers’ Party (aka Nazi Party) forces, and where he vowed to the world: “We will do everything – everything to undercut and eradicate Nazism for good”, says this followed Russian media personality and singer Olga Buzova, who is regarded as one of the most successful Russian contemporary entertainers, releasing her parody video based on the former Soviet Union film “Time, Forward!”, wherein she imagined a United States under socialist siege stating: “Today, at a special meeting of the UN Security Council, a decision was made to send an additional peacekkeping task force to the USA…Soviet servicemen will also join the task force…On the territory of the former United States of America, a bloody civil war is continuing…Hiding in Hawaii, the last legitimate US President Donald Trump has, once again, asked the USSR for military assistance to suppress insurgent gangs of marauders…To fulfill this mission, the Soviet Union is sending the 104th Airborne Brigade from its Anchorage base in the Republic of Alaska”—and is a video meant as a parody that was quickly joined by the shocking American article “The U.S. Is A Lawless Society Where The Criminals Get To Go Free But Underwear And Socks Are Locked Up”.

As “insurgent gangs of marauders” turn the United States into a “lawless society”, this report notes, it was revealed today: “A new migrant caravan made up of approximately 1,800 migrants began walking through southern Mexico to make their way north toward the U.S. border, where some have expressed the expectation of crossing illegally and then requesting asylum or protection”—a revelation joined by the beyond all belief shocking article “Joe Biden’s Parole Pipeline Freed 745,000 Foreign Nationals Into U.S. In 2023 — Exceeding 2 Months Of American Births”—and as for the top priority of Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden while America is being destroyed, today it was also revealed: “The White House says it is “alarmed” over sexually explicit AI-generated images of pop star Taylor Swift circulating on social media”.

Currently in the United States Senate, this report continues, is a secret bill no one is allowed to see linking aid to Ukraine to American border protection, about which Socialist Leader Biden proclaimed: “If enacted, would be the toughest and fairest set of reforms to secure the border we’ve ever had…It would give me, as President, a new emergency authority to shut down the border when it becomes overwhelmed…And if given that authority, I would use it the day I sign the bill into law”—top Republican Party leader House Speaker Mike Johnson warned this secret bill is “dead on arrival” if it reaches the United States House of Representatives and factually declared: “President Biden falsely claimed yesterday he needs Congress to pass a new law to allow him to close the southern border, but he knows that is untrue…As I explained to him in a letter late last year, and have specifically reiterated to him on multiple occasions since, he can and must take executive action immediately to reverse the catastrophe he has created”—a factual declaration joined by the world’s richest person Elon Musk truthfully observing: “No laws need to be passed…All that is needed is an executive order to require proof before granting an asylum hearing, that is how it used to be”—and famed American political journalist Michael Shannon honestly assessed: “Joe Biden remains an unrepentant liar…He has no intention of closing the border and even if they did, it’s too late…What is required is closing the border and relentless, mass deportations of illegals regardless of how long they’ve been inside the border breaking the law”.

As of 8 December 2023, this report details, “Operation Lone Star” launched by Texas Governor Greg Abbott amassed $55,427,025 in donations from the American peoples to build a border wall, and this past week, on 24 January 2024, it saw Governor Abbott issuing his declaration of war statement against the socialist Biden Regime proclaiming:

The federal government has broken the compact between the United States and the States.

The Executive Branch of the United States has a constitutional duty to enforce federal laws protecting States, including immigration laws on the books right now. President Biden has refused to enforce those laws and has even violated them. The result is that he has smashed records for illegal immigration.

Despite having been put on notice in a series of letters—one of which I delivered to him by hand—President Biden has ignored Texas’s demand that he perform his constitutional duties.

  • President Biden has violated his oath to faithfully execute immigration laws enacted by Congress. Instead of prosecuting immigrants for the federal crime of illegal entry, President Biden has sent his lawyers into federal courts to sue Texas for taking action to secure the border.
  • President Biden has instructed his agencies to ignore federal statutes that mandate the detention of illegal immigrants. The effect is to illegally allow their en masse parole into the United States.
  • By wasting taxpayer dollars to tear open Texas’s border security infrastructure, President Biden has enticed illegal immigrants away from the 28 legal entry points along this State’s southern border—bridges where nobody drowns—and into the dangerous waters of the Rio Grande.

Under President Biden’s lawless border policies, more than 6 million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border in just 3 years. That is more than the population of 33 different States in this country. This illegal refusal to protect the States has inflicted unprecedented harm on the People all across the United States.

James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and the other visionaries who wrote the U.S. Constitution foresaw that States should not be left to the mercy of a lawless president who does nothing to stop external threats like cartels smuggling millions of illegal immigrants across the border. That is why the Framers included both Article IV, § 4, which promises that the federal government “shall protect each [State] against invasion”, and Article I, § 10, Clause 3, which acknowledges “the States’ sovereign interest in protecting their borders”. Arizona v. United States, 567 U.S. 387, 419 (2012) (Scalia, J., dissenting).

The failure of the Biden Administration to fulfill the duties imposed by Article IV, § 4 has triggered Article I, § 10, Clause 3, which reserves to this State the right of self-defense.

For these reasons, I have already declared an invasion under Article I, § 10, Clause 3 to invoke Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself.

That authority is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary.

The Texas National Guard, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and other Texas personnel are acting on that authority, as well as state law, to secure the Texas border.

Immediately upon Texas Governor Abbott issuing his declaration of war against the socialist Biden Regime, the report notes, the Republican Governors Association (RGA) representing 27 of the 50 States in America issued its supporting the right to defense proclamation:

President Biden and his Administration have left Americans and our country completely vulnerable to unprecedented illegal immigration pouring across the Southern border. Instead of upholding the rule of law and securing the border, the Biden Administration has attacked and sued Texas for stepping up to protect American citizens from historic levels of illegal immigrants, deadly drugs like fentanyl, and terrorists entering our country.

We stand in solidarity with our fellow Governor, Greg Abbott, and the State of Texas in utilizing every tool and strategy, including razor wire fences, to secure the border.

We do it in part because the Biden Administration is refusing to enforce immigration laws already on the books and is illegally allowing mass parole across America of migrants who entered our country illegally.

The authors of the U.S. Constitution made clear that in times like this, states have a right of self-defense, under Article 4, Section 4 and Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

Because the Biden Administration has abdicated its constitutional compact duties to the states, Texas has every legal justification to protect the sovereignty of our states and our nation.

Along with Republican States now rushing military troops and State police forces to Texas so it can defend itself against the socialist Biden Regime, this report continues, a massive protest convoy of American peoples calling itself an “Army of God” is also preparing to rush there, and about whom Fox News just revealed: “Large groups of concerned Americans are traveling toward the southern border to demand action from the Biden administration to fix the “wide open” flood of illegal migrants…”Fellow citizens and compatriots …I call on you in the name of liberty, of patriotism and everything dear to the American character to come to our aid with all dispatch”, Pete Chambers, one of the coalition’s commanders, wrote on the “Take Our Border Back” website ”.

With Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton rejecting all demands from the socialist Biden Regime, this report details, today it was stunningly revealed: “In defiance of the Biden Administration’s wishes, senior figures within Customs and Border Protection have stated that there are no plans to have Border Patrol agents remove razor wire barriers erected along sections of the border by the Texas National Guard”—and last evening, President Donald Trump vowed to the under socialist siege peoples of Texas: “When I’m president, instead of trying to send Texas a restraining order, I will send them REINFORCEMENTS…Texas will be given full support and I will deploy all necessary military and law enforcement resources to seal up the final section of border”.

As the United States now stands on the brink of civil war, this report notes, former senior Pentagon security policy analyst Michael Maloof just warned: “This whole immigration issue has become one total mess…Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the governors of 25 other states are very firmly opposed to what the Biden administration is doing…And I would add that it’s also suggesting a line in the sand…If you look at the states that are involved, they’re mostly right in the middle and approaching toward the east…And it’s really a clear division of blue states versus red states in this country today, which is where the political lines have been drawn…And this is all happening leading up to the 2024 elections…And I’m afraid that if the way things are going right now, if Biden wins reelection, there could be a huge explosion in this country”—a warning joined by world-renowned American constitutional historian Daniel Lazare fearfully assessing: “The US political system is cracking along state and federal lines…I have no idea how far this will go…The crisis goes far beyond a local dispute between Texas and the federal government: it threatens the very existence and survival of the United States…It is nearly 10 months to the presidential elections, yet already civil war is erupting…The 248-year-old American republic is crumbling before our very eyes”.

While watching as an “already civil war is erupting” in the United States, this report concludes, Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev most factually assessed: “There are known cases in history when some states tried to break away from the Union and form the Confederacy…The end result was the bloody civil war which cost thousands upon thousands of lives…Either way, America can face an unsolvable constitutional crisis, and for long, fall into the abyss of a new, possibly even more destructive civil confrontation…And the Western world, its breath held, will be staring at the American mess in fear…Well, it’s their problem, anyway”.


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