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Woman cleaning her home with FLOOR ONE Strech S6 multi-functions

A huge challenge with cleaning your home and living spaces is that the tools you use, like a vacuum, don’t always stretch or reach everywhere you want to go. For example, under a couch or a reclining chair, where dust and debris might have built up over time. The Tineco Floor One Stretch S6 changes all of that. For starters, it has a 5.1-inch compact design, making it super low-profile. But it also lays flat, up to 180 degrees, so you can get under those hard-to-reach spaces. It’s a marvelous piece of machinery that can take your cleaning to a whole new level. Of course, there’s so much more it has to offer, so we thought it best to call out the top features for you.

1. 180-degree lay-lat design

Tineco FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 180° Lay-Flat Design

With a height of just 5.1 inches and its 180-degree lay-flat design, the vacuum is easy to reach under furniture or small spaces. Just recline it and slide it under—it’s that simple. You’ll learn a little later, but its intelligent, lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver, too, so you’ll never be fighting against the vacuum to do the work.

2. Two-stage self-cleaning system

When you’re all done vacuuming and mopping, the Floor One Stretch S6 utilizes a two-stage self-cleaning process. First, it flushes the necessary components with fresh hot water, and then it undergoes a five-minute flash dry, using hot air to dry the brush roll and damp components. Keeping the system dry also helps prevent mold and mildew build-up, so it’s clean and ready to freshen up your floors every time you use it.

3. Triple-sided edge cleaning

Tineco Floor One Stretch S5 edge cleaning

With most vacuums, the size makes it tough to get right up below baseboards, into corners, and other tight edges. The Floor One Stretch S6, on the other hand, offers what’s called Triple-Sided Edge Cleaning. It reaches 0.20 inches away from walls and corners, meaning you can get right up in there and get all the dust and debris once and for all.

4. Wet-dry vacuum with three-chamber dirty water separation

Generally, wet and dry vacuums are a pain to manage. Keeping the fresh water filled and the dirty water cleaned is quite the hassle. That’s not so with the Floor One Stretch S6, thanks to a three-chamber water system that separates the dirty and freshwater tanks. More importantly, it also separates solids, liquids, and air to better protect the motor and maintain full cleaning power no matter how long you’re using it. Plus, the 0.72-liter large-capacity water tank holds enough fresh water to clean most, if not all, of your home in one go.

5. Long-lasting runtime

Speaking of cleaning your whole home in one go, the large-capacity rechargeable battery lasts for up to 40 minutes on a single charge. That’s plenty of time to clean even large homes and get into all the nooks and crannies that need freshening up. You can cover both all the visible floors and spaces in your home, and the hidden corners and spaces in one session. That’s the kind of reliability and support that makes cleaning so much easier.

6. Lightweight and maneuverable design

Tineco Floor One Stretch S6180° Lay-Flat design under chair

In combination with the lay-flat design and low profile, the Floor One Stretch S6 also incorporates mini assist wheels that help the vacuum glide effortlessly with minimal work from you and a repositioned water tank. That tank is now seated above the brush head, rebalancing the weight of the vacuum and making it more maneuverable and lightweight overall. Even with a full freshwater tank, it’s not too heavy to push, pull, or glide over your floors and throughout your living spaces.

7. Five-minute air drying

The self-cleaning features keep you hands-free even after all the main cleaning is done, with a two-stage hot water wash and flash dry, plus 720-degree bi-directional brush rotation — which rotates the brush forward and backward to deep clean the brush roll. But the real star of the show here is the flash drying. In just five minutes, the wet brush and all the related components are dry again. That prevents mold, mildew, and nasty odors from building up over time, but it also helps to ensure that no matter how many times you take out the vacuum and clean it, it’s always ready to deliver a fresh, spotless experience.

8. The price is right

Tineco FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 cleaning big spill and pet mess

Normally, vacuums of this caliber with advanced technology are expensive, so much so that they’re inaccessible unless you have money to burn. The Floor One Stretch S6 is priced reasonably, and in many cases, it’s one of the best features overall. The standard price is $599, and if you’re able to capitalize on a deal, it’s even better.

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