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If you’d like an extreme example of a well-connected Left-Wing thinker exposing the lengths to which the globalists will go to prevent people from seeing ideas not their own, meet Eviane Leidig. She is an EU-funded advisor who thinks women who choose to be traditional wives and moms are a threat to the culture.

In one recent interview, she shared that she supports “hard approaches,” that is, what she refers to as “more repressive measures” to fight “far right” ideology, summarized in the “Four Ds of content moderation: Deplatforming, demonetization, deranking, and detection,” the last term referring to the detection of what could be considered “violating” online content.

Homemaker moms (she calls them tradwives) are a threat to the system.

According to Leidig, tradwives are a threat because they “insidiously” promote so-called “far-right” ideology within the context of attractive and “authentic-looking” videos posted to social media in which they bake bread in pretty aprons and pick flowers from the garden, etc.

We don’t have to guess how she feels about moms who bake bread and homeschool, and as LifeSite news notes, typically, why would we care?

 She is an “expert member” of the EU’s Radicalisation Awareness Network’s (RAN) European Research Community on Radicalisation, and she touts herself as having “delivered talks for the U.S. State Department, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Commission, Council of Europe, UN, NATO, national and regional intelligence agencies, as well as advised for the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) and tech companies;”

She is also working on an EU-funded fellowship project “explor[ing] the decision-making process of platforms’ content moderation policies” on so-called “far-right extremist terrorist content.”

Her “day job” appears to be “professional EU Censor,” and in her mind, families threaten the Great Reset, which tells you a lot about what that means to people who pay Leidig.

What exactly is the “far-right” content they’re promoting? She devotes extraordinarily little time to defining this in her own writings and talks, but when pressed, she has revealed that to her, this denotes a “strong sense of nationalism — often white nationalism — anti-semitism, opposition to immigration [and] LGBTQ rights,” and “traditional views on gender,” which, Leidig said, “is why we talk about tradwives.”

The foundation, not just of Republican government and human liberty but of civilization itself… is a dangerous right-wing cabal that must be stopped. With what? A system that teaches not just the absence of individual property rights (or rights of any sort) but one where women are nothing more than incubators chosen to meet state re-population quotas.

I wonder if, in Leidig’s or her paymaster’s vision, they have any choice in the matter?

Will women be forced to donate eggs to the lab or to mate with a male approved by the government’s breeders? You’d have to expect, at some point, something entirely lab-based because carrying a baby results in hormones and attachment, and you wouldn’t want that. The global order needs cogs for their machine, like the human batteries in The Matrix. You provide labor in return for a life of only subsistence living under the boot of Dear Leader.

And that’s not more oppressive or dangerous to women than choosing to raise kids and bake bread?


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