The World Is Joining the Bloc to Align Against the US


Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates joined BRICS on January 1st of this year. The BRICS members comprise about 30% of the world’s land surface and 45% of the global population. Brazil, Russia, India, and China are among the world’s ten largest countries by population, area, and GDP (PPP).

Saudi Arabia might join. They’ve been accepted.

It wasn’t smart of Democrats to demonize the Crown Prince over Mr. Khashoggi. Biden threatened him, called him names, and now bin Salman says he no longer cares what the US says.

The US allegedly wants to save Ukraine, and everything we’ve done has made matters worse for them and us.

CNN reports that nearly three dozen countries are seeking entry into the China and Russia-backed BRICS economic group, member state South Africa said Wednesday, weeks after the body expanded its membership for the first time in more than a decade.

BRICS is an acronym for its five original members: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. It’s an alternative to the G7. The members plan to trade in their own currencies.

Thirty-four countries have submitted an expression of interest in joining the bloc of major emerging economies, South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor told reporters, without naming the nations.

Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ethiopia, and Egypt formally joined. Ironically, Russia is accepting the applications.

Some nations have said they have different values and don’t buy into WOKE. They no longer trust us because we weaponized the financial system, SWIFT, and we’re doing insane things like destroying our energy sector. No one in the Bloc thinks climate change is the most serious existential threat facing mankind. They used to laugh at John Kerry. Now they can laugh at John Podesta, a close ally of George Soros.

Russian President Valdimir Putin

China and Russia are reshaping the international system to align against us.

It puts Putin in a great position to turn the world against Ukraine and the US more than they already are.

Bloomberg said the expansion pairs “some of the planet’s largest energy producers with some of the biggest consumers among developing countries.”

It will certainly limit the US’s ability to control nations with sanctions. China, the US, and the EU’s biggest economic rival now have an enormous win.

Perhaps this would have happened anyway, but perhaps not, and the Biden regime brought it about decades before it would have happened.

The Woke globalists wanted a new world order, and they got it, only not as they expected. The US and EU are on the path to becoming impoverished, while Asia and Brazil are rising.

Expect the yuan to replace the petrodollar. Currently, 17% of Russia’s reserves are in yuan.



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