The Post Office Made An Attempt To Sound Cool but It's Just Weirding Everybody Out


Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘How do you do, fellow kids!’? It’s a dismissive phrase used to mock normally ‘square’ people or organizations that try to be cool by grabbing on to some word or phrase that they think is cool, similar to what was once termed ‘posing’, that originated on the NBC sitcom ’30 Rock’ back in 2012. There’s a meme that goes along with it and everything, it’s pretty ‘cringy’ as the kids say (we assume, we’re cleary not still kids here at Twitchy).

Well, the United States Postal Service went full ‘How do you do, fellow kids,’ today when they decided to show how hip they are with the lingo.

In fairness to them, the word rizz is having a bit of a moment, as the Oxford University Press crowned it their ‘Word of the Year’ last year, because despite all evidence to the contrary we do not live in a serious world apparently. So presumably that’s where the Post Office picked up the word, but their decision to use it should send a clear signal to the world that assuming that rizz was still considered cool by anybody… yeah, it’s not cool anymore.

A lot of people are having a good laugh at the word choice, of course …

Others are taking the opportunity to suggest that maybe instead of trying to be ‘culturally relevant’ or whatever maybe the USPS should focus their efforts on doing their job better. What an idea!


Who has time to deliver mail on time when you’re spending your workday scouring Urban Dictionary or whatever so you can tweet out stuff that’ll make you seem relevant to the Youths! 

When something’s this absurd everybody wants to mock it.

And of course:

By and large the things the ‘younger generation’ tends to like is authenticity… although for some groups of Millennials this isn’t always the case. But as a general rule when an elderly friend or relative or Government agency (the Post office was founded in 1854!) tries to be ‘down’ with ‘the haps’ or whatever they’re liable to end up losing respect rather than gaining any.

Like the people said, maybe just focus on getting our letters and packages and letters where they’re going on time, thanks.


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