The Morning Briefing: The Left Has Forced Trump Into Running the Most Unorthodox Campaign Ever


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Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you have exciting weekend plans on tap. You deserve it.

I want to start by wishing my sister Ashley and brother-in-law Michael a happy 27th anniversary. They’ve been jokingly bragging about going to Dublin for their anniversary weekend. No, they’re not heading to Ireland; they’ll be spending the weekend in Dublin, Ga., at my niece’s softball tournament. It’s not the most romantic of getaways, but supporting Hadley and her team is exactly how they want to spend the weekend.

There was a lot going on in Trump World on Thursday. For starters, the Supreme Court was hearing arguments regarding the limits of presidential immunity, which has far-reaching consequences for some of Donald Trump’s pending trials. From Matt’s story:

While the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity isn’t expected until late June, Thursday is Trump’s legal team’s moment to convince the court of its argument that allowing the charges against him to proceed would endanger the independence of the presidency itself. Trump has maintained that if a president faces criminal prosecution after leaving office for official acts taken while in office, it would hinder his ability to function effectively and compromise the vital independence of the presidency. 

Trump couldn’t attend the SCOTUS arguments since Judge Juan Merchan is keeping him on a tight leash in New York City, but that’s not stopping him from improvising some campaign appearances. Victoria told us about it:

Trump asked for the day off from the New York City trial of the incomprehensible bookkeeping case to attend the argument but was in effect ordered to sit down and shut up by the judge, who said his court was a “very big deal” too. 

So, because he couldn’t go to watch the oral arguments in D.C., Trump did what came naturally: he campaigned. 

Before he went into the courthouse, he stopped to talk to construction workers and onlookers on the streets of New York. He signed hats and heard the crowd shout, “We love Trump!” and “USA! USA!”

Your mileage may vary when it comes to what you think about Trump, but this is why so many people are loyal to him. His outreach to working-class voters resonates with them. It’s inspiring in a quirky, only-Trump-could-get-away-with-this kind of way.

Rick wrote a piece for our VIPs explaining how Trump’s time in the courtroom could become the best campaign strategy he could dial up:

Much of the public doesn’t see the court cases against Trump as anything having to do with “justice.” Instead, Trump and his team have successfully framed the prosecutions as persecutions. Trump sees himself as the victim, fighting a corrupt system that seeks to destroy him. 

All of this plays into Trump’s “me against the world” mindset:

Americans of all colors understand what’s happening to Donald Trump. Even if Trump is convicted of one or more crimes, the vast majority of Trump supporters won’t let it bother them. For Trump, the narrative is set.

While he’s in the Big Apple, Trump wants to create a rally to top all rallies, as Victoria explained:

Trump said he’s ironing out details for the Madison Square Garden rally, though MSG reported they have not inked a deal as of yet. It’s fair to say that you shouldn’t bet against him, however. Nor should you dismiss his desire to stick his finger in the eye of official New York, whose governor has told conservatives to leave and admitted that the lawsuits against him are unique to him, and players at all state, borough, and city judicial levels are arrayed against all things Trump. 


Trump probably knows the folks who run the Garden, and if he doesn’t, the UFC’s Dana White does. If he can get a date at the Garden, Trump could make it quite a spectacle, especially if it’s a promised tribute to cops, firefighters, and first responders. Imagine a docket of rock stars and UFC fighters.

Here’s hoping all of this unusual campaigning works because we can’t abide another four years with Democrats in charge.

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