The “Massive Destruction” That Destroyed American Democracy


The following is a Tucker Carlson short about the invasion at our border. You have to see the video of the people in airports, and police stations, that have become refugee camps. Many illegals are literally giving Americans the middle finger as they demand their entitlements. People coming hate us, and all our tax money is going to them or foreign countries.

It’s “massive destruction,” and this comes from a Democratic Black man on the South Side of Chicago.

Andrea Smith, CEO of Chicago Against Violence, I don’t know the count, but I know that the language of sanctuary city, state, and county should’ve had a plan but it led to a massive destruction. I have seen almost the worst of the worst in Chicago, but this migrant crisis was the most devastating thing that I have ever seen.

Partial, Rushed Transcript

Invasions Drive History

Few Americans understand this is happening to them [invasions] right now. The United States of America is being invaded…your country is ending.

“The country you grew up in no longer exists. It will soon be unrecognizable,” Tucker said. “No one is fighting back, or even acknowledging it, and the people who lead us are letting it happen.”

Why are leaders letting this happen?

“…to destroy the country, to change the demographics. Who lives here determines what the country’s is like. This country is changing faster than you may understand. Americans are being replaced. That’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact.

“In August 2023, illegal immigration outpaced American births – a brand new population.  Last year alone, over three million people came here illegally just over our southern border,” Tucker Carlson says in the first video. “The media won’t tell you what’s happening, but if you look around, you can see it and you can see it most clearly in our cities which are collapsing. We elect people to protect us. That’s what politicians are paid to do but they’ve done the opposite. They’ve sold us out, and they’ve crushed what our ancestors built.

“Take a look at our cities. They’re hellish and immigration is the reason  The city of Chicago was in tough shape even before Joe Biden opened the border. Parts of it are uninhabitable. Even the socialist mayor of Chicago says the city is breaking under the strain without real significant investment from our federal government.

“It won’t just be the city of Chicago that won’t be able to maintain this mission. It’s the entire country…

“Chicago’s politicians may complain about illegal immigration in public, but in private, they’re paying for it with your money. They’re spending more on illegal aliens than on their own citizens…they’re doing this secretly…they’re hiding it from the public. Our team uncovered a shadow terminal for example, inside Chicago O’Hare airport hundreds of migrants were being hidden there. Secretly our team pulled up with cameras rolling and at first, we didn’t see much. The city erected black tarps to hide what was going on.”

They didn’t want anyone to see what was in there. Tucker’s team found more. than 100 beds on the floor. “The smell was overpowering, repulsive. It was filthy, but it was not just the airport. Terminals have been given over to people who come here illegally from the poorest countries in the world, without permission, criminally, and yet being supported in every detail of their lives by taxpayers.”

The police are handling refugee camps.

“Now even police stations in Chicago have been turned into refugee camps.” Tucker showed the clips that should horrify Americans. The police aren’t handling law enforcement, they’re “running refugee camps for illegal aliens,” Tucker says in the clip below.

“As our cameraman approached the Chicago police precinct in the city’s downtown to see what was happening inside, you see people come out, illegal aliens, shooting the middle finger and yelling. They didn’t hide their hostility. Many other illegals have been pushed into poor, prominently black neighborhoods on the south side.”

This is how much they care about black people. They’ve made us into a Third World Country. We just don’t know it yet, but we will.

“You live in America, the place you grew up in, the place you’d like to see your children grow up in the way that you did, but that won’t be possible because of the single greatest sellout in our history. Hundreds of years of America were eliminated by an invasion that are leaders made possible you should know that,” Tucker said.

Sentinel believes that Barack Obama is behind all this. Under his regime, he devised a plan to replace the US population with Third World people. Listen below to radio host Sue Payne who was accidentally invited to listen to a phone conversation with high-level Obama staff. She called into Mark Levin’s show to at least get the word out.

A Country Within a Country

Las Vegas News Magazine

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