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Counter-attack by Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces supported by T-34 tanks near Playa Giron during the Bay of Pigs invasion, 19 April 1961

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Doral, Florida – Last week Governor DeSantis visited the Museum of Assault Brigade 2506 located in Hialeah Gardens. This Brigade landed at Bay of Pigs 63 years ago, in a failed attempt to free their Cuban homeland from totalitarian communist tyranny.

The failed landing at Bay of Pigs represented the abrogation by President Jack Kennedy of the Monroe Doctrine. This doctrine was promulgated by President James Monroe in 1823, at the urging of his Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, and proclaimed that it was the policy of the United States government to keep out European powers from the Americas. By allowing a Russian foothold to be established in Cuba, President Kennedy laid the foundation for the Cuban Missile Crisis in the following year of 1962, and the establishment of a hub for communist expansion in the Americas. Even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 following its defeat in the Cold War, Cuba intensified its efforts to spread communism in the Americas.

As a result, Hugo Chavez took power at the end of 1999 in Venezuela by winning an election, and he and his successor Nicolas Maduro have not relinquished power since. Instead, they have established a totalitarian communist dictatorship, representing in effect the conquest of Venezuela by Cuba. In Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega also has established a totalitarian communist dictatorship, after having been ousted during the Cold War.

Other countries in Latin America with communist-aligned governments today include Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. The malign influence of the Cuban regime includes not only destabilizing Latin American countries, but also contributing to the flow of illegal aliens into the United States, invited by the open-border policies of the Obama-Biden 3.0 administration.

President Kennedy was a serial betrayer:

(1) He betrayed his family with his constant philandering, including with Marilyn Monroe.

(2) He betrayed the Mafia by supporting his brother, Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, in his prosecutorial campaign against them, even though they had helped him steal the presidential election of 1960. They got him back in Dallas a couple of years later.

(3) He betrayed the freedom fighters at Bay of Pigs, when he changed the location of their landing site and reneged on the promised air cover.

(4) He betrayed the people of Berlin when he allowed Soviet Premier Khrushchev to approve the building of the Berlin Wall in August 1961, after the two had met in Vienna during June. Krushchev took the measure of Kennedy and concluded that he had nothing to fear by proceeding with the Berlin Wall. He had declined requests from East German leaders to build it during the administration of President Eisenhower. Kennedy was so much a Berliner that he condemned its people, and other Eastern Europeans, to another 28 years of totalitarian communist serfdom, until the Berlin Wall was taken down by those same people in 1989 under new Western leadership.

(5) He betrayed America during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962 by removing United States missiles from Turkey and Italy, and agreeing to accept the Russian foothold in Cuba, without fomenting regime change.

(6) Finally, Kennedy betrayed the people of South Vietnam when he allowed a military coup to go forward against their Catholic democratic President Diem, resulting in his killing. This coup deprived the people of South Vietnam of their civilian leadership, and condemned them to incompetent military leadership. It occurred in early November 1963, and a couple of weeks later Kennedy was assassinated. Kennedy upped the American involvement in the Vietnam War. LBJ felt that he could not abandon Vietnam after what JFK had done. There were several Vietnam veterans and immigrants in the ceremony at the Museum.

Camelot was a trailer park.

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