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This is a continuation of the Epstein Files, the summary of the release of depositions, motions, and witness statements from Virginia Giuffre v. Ghislaine Maxwell. Our previous article, published January 3, identified the most damning allegations against Epstein, Maxwell, and the John Does (both previously known and unknown to the public). Our goal will remain the same – to provide a big-picture debriefing of the most relevant and important information that has been released to the public.

Specifically, we will be focusing on the hundreds (if not thousands) of pages produced since yesterday, which you can download and view courtesy of Seamus Bruner. Let’s get started – first with the identifies of new John Does.

Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak

A few days ago, the deposition of Virginia Giuffre was released where she alleged being trafficked by Epstein and Maxwell to billionaire businessmen Glenn Dubin and Tom Pritzker, as well as an unnamed foreign official.

Today, we got the answer to the identity of the foreign official: Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak.


That allegation comes not from the release of Giuffre’s deposition, but from a filing from Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz in an effort to convince the court (and the public) of his innocence. It’s no surprise that Barak’s name would emerge as an alleged perpetrator. His name was brought up in the questioning of at least one witness to Epstein and Maxwell’s crimes, and Barak had a long relationship with Epstein over the years, described as a “regular guest” of Epstein’s and meeting him at least “three dozen timesafter Epstein’s Florida conviction. (Barak would eventually disavow Epstein and explain that Epstein would bring “interesting persons” together for discussions.)

Adriana Ross

There was a long and substantial fight in the Giuffre case over the production of evidence. Not just for Maxwell’s e-mails and financial records (more on that below), but for access to the internal computer system at Epstein’s home. In the latest unsealed records, one witness testified to the very troubling removal of evidence from Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.

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