The Hur Report: Biden “willfully retained” classified documents


This afternoon, Special Counsel Robert Hur released his 350+ page report on President Biden’s handling and retention of classified documents. Read it here.

To get to the big question – Hur declined to press charges for a variety of reasons, including Biden’s age and frailty. The declination decision is no surprise, as the Department of Justice and its hand-picked Special Counsel never intended to prosecute Biden. Hur isn’t an aggressive prosecutor like Special Counsel Jack Smith or Andrew Weissmann, who helped lead the Mueller team. It’s Department policy that some Presidents (and some Presidential candidates) are immune from prosecution, no matter their crimes. This is the world we live in.

But the report itself is fascinating for a number of reasons, not only because it establishes a factual basis supporting criminal charges but because its findings are so damning to Biden:

  • It establishes that Biden willfully retained classified documents at his Delaware home.

  • It found that Biden was on tape admitting his possession of classified documents, which he unlawfully shared with his ghostwriter.

  • It exposes Biden’s lies surrounding his possession of the documents.

  • And it found the destruction of evidence by Biden’s ghostwriter.

Here are the highlights.

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