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In our follow-up media reviews of the Tuesday dumping of Nikki Haley by 10 to 12%, depending on who’s count, it’s been confirmed many Democrats didn’t write in Biden as requested but voted on the Repub ticket for Haley as suggested. All in the failed attempt to pull off the upset and stop Trump.

Dem’s were recorded giving interviews after voting confirmed this and said they would switch to Biden over Nikki in a general election. Getting a chuckle here seems the spin is on over at Nikki’s place touting how well above predictions she did. In any other election, that double-digit drubbing would be called a landslide for the winner, but remember, we’re dealing with anti-Trump media these days.

And then you get independants likely splitting 60/40 max, who knows which way? Funny, this is supposed to be a vote for and by Republicans, but our party leaders just can’t seem to grasp this fact. Regular everyday Republicans want and deserve to select whom they want, not what a general public wants, but our “leaders” just will not have it; why? Every election cycle, this merry-go-round goes on and on. What the heck is wrong with these folks? Do they want to lose?

As for the modern left-liberal, it is a melding of fascist and communist (Fascicom), and they despise those of us who refuse to be corrupted by them. Hatred is strong in them, they hate Christians, whites, black conservatives, Jews, well anyone not them and only the them’s who never, ever stray from what ever the current flavored perversion it is.

Why? Because half of all Americans who know Biden is a faker, a straw man President without any real power, it’s those behind the curtains pulling his strings who are the real power, and they have no intention of giving up their stranglehold on it. Shadow organizations with great-sounding names like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others are actually exact opposites of their labels and which create the chaos they accuse Trump and those others mentioned above as being.

Look, it was white European Christians who ended all slavery in the western world so how can we be inherent racists, our modern history and culture belie this label. Fascism was rejected when we fought a vicious world war to end it, but now we see Antifa using the exact kind of tactics and violence as Hitler’s “brown shirts” the SA used.

Why does the left do these things? For power and control over our lives for their advantages and comfort.

Deny them their victory, reject their lies, and speak out against them. MAGA Vote Donald J Trump for President.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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