The Biden Campaign Still Claiming Trump Told Americans to Inject Bleach


President Joe Biden is a pathological liar, so it’s not surprising his campaign team is willing to repeat an untruth over and over again. As we reported last month, whoever runs Biden’s X account tried to dunk on Donald Trump for telling Americans to inject themselves with bleach. The best part is that they posted it with a video clip explicitly calling out their own lie. Where in the video does he say to inject bleach?

It sounds to us like he was talking about potential research into administering some sort of yet-to-be-developed “disinfectant” into the bloodstream, probably through an IV.

A month later, Biden-Harris HQ is up to the plate claiming “he told us to inject bleach.”


Where were Americans supposed to get the needles anyway? We don’t all live in San Francisco where they give them away.

With the assistance of the media, like CNN referring to ivermectin as “horse paste” in its chyrons. Do you know who’s taking ivermectin now? Former CNN host Chris Cuomo.

Biden kicked off his campaign with the “very fine people” hoax and has repeated it several times since. We’ll bet good money during the CNN debate that Biden brings up the “inject blech” and/or “very fine people” hoaxes while Trump has his mic turned off according to the Biden campaign’s rules.


Las Vegas News Magazine

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